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Opinion Openers

Author: Derek Vitalio


I'm getting better at doing these opinion openers.

Another superhot girl and her friend were nearby, and the HB9model gave me some eye contact because I was talking to all these people. I went up to HB9model and her friend and asked them for their opinion on roommate cheating with boyfriend opener. I got into a conversation with HB9model and her friend for like 30 minutes and had them laughing a lot. HB9model turned out to be a South Beach model... I told her I had dated a hand model before and that models were really trouble. I even got her to stand up and I spun her around and high-fived her friend. I also opened a few other guys and brought them into the set, which made HB9model and her friend shriek with delight that I was just bringing all of these other guys into our conversation. Here's an example:

Me: "Hey do you guys rinse after you brush, or do you brush after you rinse?"

HBmodel9: "You brush first them you rinse."

HB8: "Yeah"

Me: "Nah... I always rinse first! You're crazy" (actually I brush first, but this was just to poke fun at them)

Me: "I need another opinion... hey dude!"

Random dude: "Yea"

Me: "Do you rinse first or brush first"

Random dude: "I rinse first"

Me: "Hell yeah baby! See"

Girls: "lol lol oh my god ahhhhhh----"

Me: "Maybe it's a girl guy thing you know--"

Anyway, eventually they decided to go to the bathroom. Still, I had them tranfixed on me for a good 30 to 40 minutes. Toward the end however my biggest problem was running out of material. I didn't want to just stand and wait for them, that would look lame, so I reopened the original set I was with. Then two other girls came by and I started talking with them, a blonde and a brunette with an opinion opener. I got the blonde to keep touching me.

HBmodel9 and her friend were watching me chat up these two girls and HBmodel9 was just eye contacting me.

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