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Phone Seduction

Author: Derek Vitalio

Here's my phone seduction conversation: Me: "You know talking with you on the phone is great... but there's certain things you just can't convey over the phone. Like you lose so much of the nuances... like you can't see that other person's eyes... you can't see their face flush as they talk... you can't see them smile. It's so much better when you're face to face with that person." (notice I tell her that *I* chose her and after talking to her *I* decided she's cool enough to hang out with)

Sabrina: "Yeah.."

Me: "And I've decided after talking to you that I like you Sabrina and we should get together.... well Tuesday I'm busy and this weekened I'll be gone. Why don't we meet up on Wednesday evening." Obviously, this phone seduction is going well.

Sabrina: "That sounds great!"

Derek Vitalio

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