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Preventing Ejaculation

Author: Derek Vitalio

The Squeeze Method involves squeezing the tip or the base of the penis just before the point of climax, essentially canceling the orgasm. The squeeze forces blood out of the penis and reduces the erection.

Preventing Ejaculation: Squeeze Method

1. Stop stimulation.

2. Squeeze the tip or the base of the penis for several seconds.

3. Wait another 30 seconds before resuming.

The Perineum Hold will teach you how to prevent yourself from ejaculating by blocking the flow of semen.

Preventing Ejaculation: Perineum Hold

1. As you’re about to come, contract your PC muscle and apply pressure to your perineum with your three longest fingers, which is the spot located under your testes and above your anus. This will stop the semen flow and allow you to experience an orgasm without ejaculation.

2. After you hold back your ejaculation, lightly apply soft pressure and relief by massaging the perineum lightly with three fingers.

Derek Vitalio

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