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Push Pull Teasing Passion Routine

Author: Derek Vitalio

Charlotte and I are sitting back in my bedroom among the Persian pillows. In the Teasing Passion ritual, you’ll be making the girl desperately, fiery hot for you, but not giving her any release.

To start off, we do the Heart Salutation and Bliss Breathing to warm up. Then I tell Charlotte that in this ritual we can get really hot for each other, but no matter what we do, we have to keep our clothes on.

I cup her chin with my hand to pull her face toward mine, and we start tonguing each other down.

I start pushing and pulling her away from me roughly- grabbing her by the hair and pushing her head away, then pulling it back to me with force and tonguing her down again and telling her that she’s “so bad.” The rough push-pull action gets a girl really crazy.

I start groping her tits through her shirt.

I smell her neck up real close and work my way back to her mouth to tongue her down.

I touch her erotic points like the back of her neck and collar bone.

Pretty soon we’re getting so hot that I stand up and she stands too. I press her up against the wall and lift her up off the ground by the butt so that her legs are wrapped around my waist. I start violently dry humping her and calling her “slut” and telling her how bad she wants the c**k in her p*ssy.

I pull her hair, then push her away from me, then roughly dry hump her again.

The whole thing is really a tease, a game of self-control and making her want it.

In the Teasing Passion ritual you build up a kissing and dry humping that become more fever pitched. It’s the tease of what is to come that’s exciting. The build-up should be dragged out until it is pure animal lust coupled with grinding hips.

And no matter how much she begs for release, do NOT give in, just keep torturing her until her head explodes.

Before you get to the point of no return, end the session.

End the session with some major blue balls if you to. Have her go and get-off on your own.

Women want what they can’t have. If you make her go without finishing, she’ll go absolutely nuts for you.

But the tease isn’t over yet. Meet the girl on another day for another session. Most likely, that could be the very next day as the girl will want her release as much as you do.

In the second day, it will be even more difficult and you’ll have to control yourself with even greater discipline. You’ll be doing all the same as before… kissing, grinding, pushing, pulling, and groping hard and heavy.

But this time, when you get hot enough, give in and suddenly and violently rip off her clothes like a beast.

Make out with her and grind your naked body onto hers.

Slap your guy on her face, but don’t put it inside her mouth. Rub your guy on her p*ssy, but don’t insert. Kiss her p*ssy, but don’t go in deep.

After you can’t stand it anymore, end the session and kick her out AGAIN, or have her jump into a cold shower to cool down.

It’s not until the THIRD day, on the third session with the girl, that you let her have what she wants. The third session, proceed to rip off her clothes as before, and have your way with her.

The release will be extra sweet and intense, and she’ll have an experience with you that she’ll never forget, and one that will magnify your sexual connection together ten-fold.

For more techniques like the Push-Pull Teasing Passion ritual that I did with Charlotte, head on over to my website Seduction Science.

There’s almost certainly something there that will catch your eye and fit your particular objectives. And right now is the time to do it. You deserve quality women in your life, and opportunity is passing you by. Get in the game, and get the girl.

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Derek Vitalio

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