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Author: Derek Vitalio

Now carrying out a ravishment. This is the fantasy that ALL women have but are too embarrassed to admit to- and she’ll jump for joy when you pull this one through.

The key attitude to have for this identity is not to always be so concerned about your woman’s pleasure. Women get off when a man desires her so much that he just uses her for his own pleasure, a man who just uses her body as something for ravishment and give himself pleasure. When you’re turned on and going crazy with lust, she’s turned on and going crazy with lust. Your state will automatically lead her state.

To do a ravishment be extremely commanding. Don’t ask her what she likes. Don’t ask her what she wants. Just tell her what you want and don’t use a lot of words to do it. Actions speak louder than words. Ravish her hard like you just got out of prison and she’s the first girl you’ve seen. Ravish her from the depths of your core. Lead strongly and command her in the direction you want to go.

It’s key for you to get into the right state of mind. For a woman to feel ravished, you need to be in the mental state of a ravisher. Like this woman is your illicit mistress and you’re just going to devour her body. Like you’ve never been attracted to someone so physically and you will just ravish her from the very depths of your being with intense and uninhibited lust.

Derek Vitalio

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