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Seducing A Friend

Author: Derek Vitalio

Since you guys seem so knowledgable on the psychology of women I pose a situation for which I need some guidance.I have a female friend that I have been trying to "hook up" with since the day we met. The first mistake I made was being too passive.She later said I wasn't her type.However, we are good friends.I know you guys are in the business of seduction and not romance,so I'll be blunt:How can I get this chick in the sack? She isnt a prude by any means so thats not something that needs to be overcome.I also have a great sense of humor and make her laugh constantly.I hang out at her place sometimes 'til like 5A.M. She always hooks up with these loser assholes and its starting to make me feel like I'm lower than them. Please help me out, man, I'm dyin'here!


Well that's a tough one because I don't know your specific situation or what this girl is like.

She has probably put you in the category of "just a friend" because you didn't make the moves on her when you were supposed to. So you're in the category of "nice guy" when she wants the "bad boy".

This doesn't mean you have to be an asshole. All it means is that you have to be more direct about what YOU want and let her know it. Have you ever talked about sex with her? Have you ever asked her what she thinks is sexy in a guy? Just talking about sex will get her turned on. Especially since she isn't a prude you should be talking about sex with her.

Another trick you should focus on is Kino. That means touching her and brushing up her "accidently" at first, and then becoming more overt. Don't be afraid to touch a girl - wrestle with her, slap her ass if she's being a brat, and so on.

In short, women don't sleep with their friends. They sleep with adventurous, sexy guys who aren't afraid to go after what they want - so that's what you need to be for seducing a friend.


Derek Vitalio

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