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Seducing Arizona Girls

Author: Derek Vitalio

This is a good conversation I use for getting arizona girls:

Sabrina: "Yeah, I felt a spiritual connection on top of the vortex." (or something to that effect)

Me: "Yeah, the most interesting thing happened to me while I stood on top the vortex arizona girl.... ....I was standing up there and lo and behond my cell phone rings! Yeah, it was like the angels were phoning me!!"

Sabrina: "lol"

Me: "Yeah, and what really shocked me was that I get perfect reception on top of a mountain vortex in the middle of nowhere yet I can't get good reception in my own apartment. What's up with that??"

Sabrina: "lol... yeah it's terrible"

Me: "Anyway arizona girl, I get the phone and the angels start talking to me..."

Sabrina: "What did they tell you"

Me: "You won't believe this, but they gave me the secret of the meaning to life"

Sabrina: "Really? And what is the secret of the meaning to life"

Me: "That can be yours for the low price of only $499.95!"

Sabrina: "lol that's all?"

Me: "Well, if you knew the secret, you wouldn't think it was worth much more than that either--"

Sabrina: "lol... no, but didn't you notice how commerical it is in Sedona?"

Me: "Yeah arizona girl... it's like you can walk down from the vortex having had this incredible spiritual experience and walk right into McDonalds and... SUPER SIZE YOUR FRIES!!!"

Sabrina: "hahahahaha"

Derek Vitalio

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