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Seducing Spring Break Party Girls

Author: Derek Vitalio

it's pretty easy to get spring break party girls in your bed. For example:

Me: "So what's your house like"

Sabrina: "I've got a pool in the back"

Me: "Awesome! We can throw pool parties back there..."

Sabrina: "pool parties? uh-"

Me: "Or better yet, I'll dress up like Zeus and you dress up like Athena and we'll be like gods and goddesses hanging out at the pool"

Sabrina: "lol yes! I like that"

Me: "And we'll fill the pool up with olive oil and get all greasy. And crush grapes with our feet. It will rock."

Sabrina: "lol"

Me: "Yeah... and we need to get a servant to hold up one of those huge hossanah leaves and fan us down"

Sabrina: "Yeah... and I'll blast the air conditioner so it goes out the window into the pool." Typical spring break party girl!

Me: "Damn, you're good at this aren't you..."

Derek Vitalio

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