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Seducing Strippers

Author: Derek Vitalio

My seducing skills are limited and I want to learn the art of seducing strippers. I even wanted a barman job so that I could get to know strippers and seduce them. Are these types of girls harder to seduce than other girls? Do men who work with these girls ever really sleep with them? I really prefer just to concentrate on the normal bars and nightclubs.

Is it possible to seduce these girls as a customer, buying dances? Have you any tips on seducing strippers or should I stay away from them and go for normal girls.



So you want to decide between seducing normal girls and seducing strippers?

Why not get the best of both worlds?

After all, why not? By learning the art of seducing strippers, your ability to seduce normal girls goes up dramatically.

Seducing strippers forces you to tighten your seduction skills. Seducing strippers forces you to dominate the frame of the interaction. Seducing strippers forces you to learn how to create attraction. Seducing strippers forces you to learn how to manipulate social proof.

Seducing strippers is a GAME where you don’t allow her to pull her “customer” frame on you. As long as you do not become her customer, you can get her.

NEVER EVER act as a customer. Strippers make money off exploiting customers - and they know it. If you act at all like another customer, you'll just be another loser to them. They will use every trick in the book to get you to part with your money, like make you think that they’re all into you.

Most importantly, you must be in the habit of seducing normal girls.

Seducing normal girls allows you to lose your neediness when you see the drop dead gorgeous bodies of some of these strippers. Seducing normal girls can lead you into situations where you can take THEM to the strip club, where you can look like the mack. Seducing normal girls always gives you juicy options if you fail to seduce the stripper.

If you choose to learn the art of seducing strippers and normal girls, you’ll experience a synergistic effect between the two skills in your seduction skills.

So what are the secrets of seducing strippers? What are the secrets of seducing normal girls? What are the secrets of using both to your advantage?

Find out how you can learn the art of seducing strippers, step by step, detail by detail, just check out Seduction Science, the entire process of creating attraction is all explained there and I take all the guess work out of it.

Go and find the hottest strippers!

Derek Vitalio

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