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Seducing Super Hotties

Author: Derek Vitalio

Here's the secrets of seducing super hotties:

Me: "Hey do you guys sing"

Girls: "Yeah we both do"

Me: "Awesome... I sing too... we can start a BAND. Yeah that would be sooo cool"

Girls: "lol"

Me: "Do either of you play an instrument"

HB1: "Yeah, I play guitar"

Me: "hmmm... no I don't think that would work... two singers and a guitar player. hey we should get britney spears"

HB2: "Britney Spears can't sing"

Me: "Yeah but she could be our back up dancer. Hmm, what are your guys names though, do you have a good band names you super hotties?"

Girls: "Our names are really hard to pronounce"

HB1: "I'm ____"

HB2: "My name's ____"

Me: "OH GOD this definately will NOT work.. yeah we definately need to get you guys new names if this band is going to take off..."

Girls: "lol"

Me: "You super hotties can be rainbow brite... and you the Care Bare"

Girls: "no!! lol"

Derek Vitalio

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