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Author: Derek Vitalio

Hi Eric,

I need some guidance, although I am sure it's in the seduction books, so any way I delivered the stealth move, and I am not someone to approach beautiful women, but any way after about a month of observing this beautiful woman at the beach, I delivered to her in the water while swimming and we spoke for at least 15 minutes, and she went back to the beach. When I left the beach I stopped buy to say good by, and enjoyed meeting her. although when I glanced at her prior to leaving she gave me a big Smile so that prompted me to stop by.

So i need some guidance on how to approach her next time and what would be the best move, Phone Number or get together, or do I need to let her come to me?

Having fun in the sun with your seduction books


Good hear from you again. It looks like you're improving! Before I go on, what did you talk about with her? Look for information she has revealed to you about herself?. This information in the books is vitally important. Now as far as your next move is concerned, ask her something along these lines (after you've spoken to her again...don't just walk up and ask her!)

What would have to happen for us to get together and enjoy each other's company?

This puts the ball in her court and she now is put into the position of having to answer that question....which will lead HER to offer exchanging phone numbers with you (provided you had a good conversation and she feels at least safety or comfort on some level with you). Glad you like the seduction books.


Derek Vitalio

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