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Seduction Letter

Author: Derek Vitalio

This section you will write a seduction letter and will help eliminate any shyness, performance anxiety, self-esteem, negative feelings about your looks, and other negative emotions that can well up anytime, unannounced during lovemaking.

Has someone ever told you something that you took personally? Or have a bad memory haunt you? Some people cannot let go of those bad feelings, no matter how hard they try. In their quest to get the bad idea or feeling out of their mind, they unintentionally waste a lot of time, energy, and resources worrying about it.

This kind of letter behavior actually teaches their unconscious mind to practice worrying about problems. Your mind pays attention to what you do repeatedly and direct a lot of energy and emotions toward. Since your unconscious doesn’t discriminate between right or wrong, true or false, fantasy or reality, it will make the thought/behavior automatic.

With this awareness, you can then begin to turn the bad thoughts, images, and feelings into the very foundation, signal, or doorway to AUTOMATICALLY move into a chosen state of mind that gets you what you want.

Changes in your sex life, as a result of exercises will become apparent to you after 20 or 30 repetitions of the exercises. Obtain a journal to write down your experiences as they happen in a seduction letter.

Derek Vitalio

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