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Seductive Voice Tonality

Author: Derek Vitalio

Voice Tonality.

Your voice tonality plays a huge role in your nonverbal communication.

Speaking deeply from the diaphragm resonates with a woman’s body.

Who do you think will get farther, the nerd in the corner with the high pitched squeaky, boring, monotone voice, or the relaxed, laid back guy with the deep baritone voice and pleasant smile?

There are specific examples of how to use your voice in Seduction Science and in the Nonverbal Sexual Cuing Series. For now, just remember, that talking from your diaphram, not the throat, is what gives you fluctuating, fun, and deep voice tonality that instantly attracts women.

It nonverbally states so many good things about you.

Also remember volume. Speaking too loud or too low for the situation can make you appear insecure, in the case of talking low, or wanting attention, making up for some deficiency, in the case of speaking too loud.

Nervousness can be felt in your voice, so you want to slow down your rate of speech too.

Not slow motion, but rather a speed that shows you are in no hurry to get your point across.

As you get better with your seductive voice tonality, you’ll want to check out Seduction Science.

Derek Vitalio

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