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Sex Energy Projection

Author: Derek Vitalio

Hello Derek, I recently purchaced your ebook and such and tryed a few trance subjects. With great sucsess here is where i wish you to help the area of sex energy projection.

Lol i recently started a new marketing job and in the new training i met this hot blonde that looks somewhat what i pictured with the "Woman Attractor". So i belive that somehow things are ment to happen so i kept sending my sex energy projection over to her as well as fixating my eyes on her and she noticed and for a moment she caught eye contact with me. Smiled with a shit eating grin and looked away quickly and played with her watch and necklace. This showing me that she has intrest in body language.

Now im a massage therapist as well as a sex energy worker so i told her the truth that she had very nice attractive energy and that i would like to talk to her sometime about it.

Anyway to end this story as she was walking away she said im really intrested in what you have to say i cant wait! Then i asked her name haha i didnt even know it yet she then said Sonnie and then she asked for mine and i answered.

Plus last night i entered trace which i do extremly well i have found and felt inside myself for alpha male energy and what color i came up with purple and gold and so now those are my "power colors for sex energy" and she seamed to notice..


Hi, It looks like you're doing a pretty good job so far, especially with your sex energy projection. Keep it up. You now need to meet her, go out with her, etc....and if there is more interest on her part, go for more. Make sure you really get interested in HER, and ask questions of her that you really want to know about, while remaining always funny and charming. And please, stay away from your boss! Bad idea.


Derek Vitalio

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