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Hi Derek,

your book is extremely accurate to create the right mindset and learn about sexual body language. I am living in London and interested in the fast pick-up (day and night). I have been thinking about tube, museums, street( street walking home), park,..

I am especially interested in seduction with sexual body language while am being alone. Can you give me concrete EXAMPLES ( I just lack creativity sometimes, because I am busy with too many things in my mind.)I prefer ideas for the concrete moment because women can forget the nice flirt if nothing happened. A number is no guarantee and you will see each other again in more rational circumstances.

What can i talk about to stay to the point, how do i introduce it. do i have to go for a drink first if there has been strong sexual body language. Some previous experiences(from you or other men)in this part of life,preferably concrete as in your third book would help me a lot.


London is a good place to pick up women. Please check out 3 Master Keys for concrete examples of what to say to women when picking them up. Read all the books, especially Volume 1. There you will find lots of information on how to affect women by using sexual body language.

Derek Vitalio

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