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Developing Your Sexual Energy

Author: Derek Vitalio

What is Sexual Energy

According to Taoism, sexual energy originates in the kidneys, bone marrow, the penis, prostate, and bladder. Sexual energy bonds together the opposing male-female or yin-yang forces. It amplifies thoughts, intensifies emotions, and multiples your creative energy.

Sexual energy is lost or exhausted by a diet of fast food and sugar, shallow breathing, stress and negative states of mind. It’s also lost by frequent ejaculation.

Saving Your Seed

Ejaculation should no longer be what you are trying to achieve.

Once you ejaculate, your body releases hormones that tell you to sleep. Ever notice immediately after orgasm that you sometimes get a wave of tiredness and just want to put your head down and sleep? Women commonly complain about this – that their man just rolls over and goes to sleep just as she’s getting started. But by practicing semen retention, you can continue to have orgasms (orgasms and ejaculation are NOT the same thing) and pleasure her for orgasm after orgasm without getting tired and the more you do so, the more sexually charged you become. You will eventually find yourself having multiple and whole body orgasms. All your senses will be magnified, to the point where releasing the ejaculate is not worth the sacrifice of pleasure.

Also, when you ejaculate, you lose your life force energy and your testosterone levels dramatically drop. Women can sense when you have low testosterone and it’s not sexually attractive. Over the years, continued ejaculation will cause your sexual desire and stamina to steadily decline.

However, we’re not saying to give up ejaculation entirely. We recommend taking a more liberal approach than the Taoists, who believe you should never ejaculate. If you do choose to ejaculate, you’ll notice that your ejaculate feels like a gift that you’re giving this woman instead of just getting a release. Learn more from Blissnosis.

Derek Vitalio

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