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Sexual Role Playing

Author: Derek Vitalio

Now we’re going to take the game up a notch by actually having your woman live out and physically take on different sexual role playing in the Blissnotic state.

As an analogy, if before we had your woman day dreaming, now we’re going to get her to outright sleepwalk.

Now we’re going to get the woman physically involved so that the fantasies become shockingly real to her. Because heck, before it may have been real in her mind but now she’s going to be physically acting them out.

And what I mean by a role playing is anytime she has to actually step out of her normal boundaries and step into a character or alter ego and be this new person.

By sexual role playing and taking on new identities, it’s a safe place to allow your woman to play the part of a ruthlessly expressive wild woman, without actually being a wild woman. New identities are a safe context for her to try out new levels of sexuality without being judged.

Let’s just take a quick look at some of the sexual roles women can step into.

Derek Vitalio

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