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Sexual Surrender

Author: Derek Vitalio

The next female fantasy is the fantasy of dominance and sexual surrender. It’s similar to the rape and ravish fantasy in that it absolves the woman of taking responsibility for the sexual acts or her having to initiate sex.

And besides, in general women want a leader in the bedroom. They want to be led. They want to feel the power of a commanding presence, they want to feel the power of a daring man who goes for what he wants. They want a man whose fearless, whose direct, and who doesn’t always ask for permission.

Even with something as simple as a blindfold or handcuffs, and all of a sudden, she’s absolved of any self-responsibility even if just for the hour and can sexually surrender.

Think about it. The modern woman typically has to exercise control and restraint all day long in her job, in school, with her family, organizing a modern life, and being responsible for other people’s actions.

Particularly if she has a high powered job or position of responsibility, and she’s used to being in control, to let go and sexual surrender to a strong man who’s in the driver’s seat can be hot. If you are saddled with a lot of responsibility in your day-to-day life, it’s a relief to leave your identity behind for a short while, it’s a relief to enjoy the escapism of letting someone else take control of your pleasure.

In a sexual surrender fantasy, where she lets go responsibility to a dominant man, now she’s not responsible to anyone, not even to herself. She can completely let go, and allow herself to be 100% taken and consumed by her man.

Derek Vitalio

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