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Sexy Conversation For Seduction

Author: Derek Vitalio

Here's a sexy conversation I used in my seduction:

Me: "Oh I was hoping you'd be rich... you could have taken care of me and buy me things"

Her: "LOL LOL" she really broke out laughing with that.

Me: "Well do you at least cook?"

Her: "Yeah."

Me: "Oh my god... oh my god... that is the COOLEST toe ring!"

Her: "Thanks!"

Me: "High-five me!!"

Her: "okay!" (she high-fives me)

Me: "Let me see. You're not Cuban, or Costa Rican, or Colombian, or Venezuelan"

Her: "Nope.. I'm Indian"

Me: "You mean like Native American--"

Her: "No Indian from India"

We talk about India for a minute and I bust on her for never having visited the Taj Majal.

Her: "Do you have the time? I'm going to be late for class--"

Me: "Oh man-- you're going to make me reach into my POCKET and look at my cell phone just to get the time--"

Her: "lol pleeezz"

I pull my cell phone halfway out of my pocket during this sexy conversation.

Me: "Tell me, what does it say"

She bends over to look at it.

Her: "12:38. Of god my class starts in 20 minutes. Sorry.. I have to go"

She turns and walks away.

Me: "Hey wait a sec"

Her: "Yeah"

Me: "Give me your number-- you're cool we should hang out"

Her: (with a big smile) "Oh no I'm engaged!"

Me: "Damn.. she I knew it, you were too cute"

Her: "lol"

And she left.

Later, I talked to this blonde who was a nurse and a runner and we talked about running for twenty minutes. I continually busted on her but she had a weird, off-kilter personality with little sexy conversation so I let her go. I have the luxury of filtering!

Derek Vitalio

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