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Sweep Her off Her Feet

Author: Derek Vitalio

This next fantasy is the seduction or pickup fantasy where your woman is swept away a by a sexy stranger, or sweep her off her feet.

Unlike many of the other scenarios, I don’t typically start sweep her off her feet in the bedroom. I don’t even give it a set up. In fact, this is a sure-fire method to accelerate your woman’s sexual responsiveness anywhere or anytime you like- even on a date or at the gym.

When I’m at the gym with my girl for instance, I’ll just walk over, smile and ask her what her name is. I’ll pretend like I don’t know her and I’m just meeting her for the first time. From there I’ll proceed to seduce her to take her back to my place for sex.

Now it doesn’t matter how good at seduction you are, or how goodyou can sweep her off her feet, your woman will go back with you and sleep with you because in reality she already knows you and will play along. However, it can be much more exciting and real for her if you understand the mindset of the player or pickup artist bad boy.

Derek Vitalio

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