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Talking To Girls

Author: Derek Vitalio

Hey Derek,

I ordered your system a few days ago and I have found it to be very interesting. I have a lot of work to do but I will work hard at it. About myself, I am (not to be egotistical)a fairly good-looking guy who is in great shape, but I am the guy you always see talking to girls but not really putting the extra effort into getting their numbers and such (shyness I guess). Yes, I have had my share of good experiences but I have failed much more often. My problem is that I have never had serious girlfriend (I am 26) and when I meet someone who really interests me I don't play the game right. So, after making a long story of it, I am tired of the rejection and heartbreak time after time so your material will hopefully help me learn how to relax more and let the girl do the work. Reason I am writing is to see what you think I did right or wrong last night. Went to a bar/club where there are always good-looking women who are I guess you can say a little more on the yuppy side. Anyway, I got one number (supposed to help this girl's Mom get a job where I work), but I tried something different. I gave out about 4 of my business cards. I made the conversation short and sweet and did not give any hints or anything. My main question here is do you think handing out cards to girls (especially when they are kind of drunk)is an effective way to get more dates? Also, if they call or email what is the best way to play them? I am tired of spending tons of money on dates so how can you get by with a cheap date like inviting them over for dinner without scaring them off right off the bat?

Thanks for the help!


Most girls will not call you so that is a pretty ineffective technique to be handing out cards. Maybe if you hand out 100 you'll get 1 call. Maybe. If you have trouble getting numbers, one compromise is to get their email address because women are more likely to give it out.

One cheap date is just bring them to coffee and then start seducing them. Then, if I get enough rapport, the next time I'll invite them over to "see a movie" and see if they bite.


Derek Vitalio

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