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The Star Seduction CD Just Released

Author: Derek Vitalio

Hey guys, this is Derek Vitalio and I have a new CD out for my new Seduction Archetypes Series, “The Star.”

Most women constantly seek to escape from their boring lives into fantasy, adventure, and dreams. Stars are men who feed on this need of women, standing out from other men through a distinctive, appealing, attention-getting style.

The Star is a master of peacocking himself and he has a way of commanding attention. At a party, all eyes turn toward him when he enters a room.

The Star’s power comes from the social proof he wields and he’s often accompanied by an entourage. His power comes from women seeing him as a kind of object of power, one that can open doors to a variety of fantasies and adventure. And men don’t even realize how much they try to imitate them.

The Star too is somewhat mysterious. Stars have qualities such as playfulness and intense sexuality, but at the same time they can seem aloof, vague, and dreamlike (not to be confused with distance or coldness!) They have a cool detachment from achieving an outcome and can easily change their identity and image to suit the moment.

The primary attraction of the Star is nonverbal, conveyed not in his words, but rather in his social proof, his body language, his style, and his attitude.

And now, my good friend Damian Transari has help me to create this new CD to install the traits and qualities of the Star archetype into your own life to accelerate your game and break through the barriers with beautiful women. The Star will bring out the celebrity in you, the one that has always been there but just needs the encouragement to come out, show up, and stand in the limelight.

Click here to take a look at The Star and the other CDs in the Archetypes series!

Derek Vitalio

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