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Types of Women and Focusing Your Approach

Author: Derek Vitalio

Different ladies like different things.  If you can learn the best ways to trigger attraction in each type of woman, you’re going to be a very busy man.

Focusing In

We’ve been going over a number of things that will work with ANY girl, but there’s no doubt, ladies come in many flavors.

And for each of those flavors, there’s a particularly strong method of activating interest and attraction.  Below, I’m going to go over a number of different types of ladies (in a number of different places), and the methods that I’ve found work best in hooking their interest.

Political Girl Pick-Up

These ladies are all over the place – demonstrations, strategy meetings, listening to speakers at events or at rallies.  Their stripes are quite varied – environmentalist, feminist, peaceniks and granolas and members of the free love society.  They tend to be loud, opinionated, and liberal.

They also tend to intimidate a number of men.  Don’t let them!  As I said, they’re liberal – in all senses of the word.  Many believe in sex as entertainment or exercise or spiritual practice – anything but the traditional “only with your life partner” sort of thing.  Consequently, you’ve already got a nice format to work within when you meet one of these chicks.

The key is simple: listen, listen, listen.  They feel passionate about what they’re doing, and it’s rare they find anyone to talk about it with – outside their fellow activists.  They’re dying to talk about this stuff – they know the facts down cold, they’re convinced they’re on the right track (and usually the rest of the world is either blind, ignorant, or stupid), and – the key – NO ONE likes to hear them go on and on.

So you let them.  In fact, you encourage them.  I met a girl protesting against nuclear waste.  I started up a conversation about alternative energy, and we were off and running.  While we were still going strong I said “Listen, I’ve gotta go, but this is really interesting.  Let’s get together for coffee continue this.”

We did, and after we’d had our fill of solar cells, I guided the conversation to sexier subjects.  Bear in mind, of course, that the whole time I kept it PLAYFUL – but didn’t tease at her core beliefs much if at all.  Keep it fun and positive and good things will happen.

Young Girls Pick-Up

Alright, this is simple.  When you’re dealing with someone significantly younger than you (say you’re 31 and she’s 20) then you want to avoid getting into anything DEEP.  She might seem kind of superficial to you – that’s simply because she hasn’t had enough experience to get life depth.
So, keep it light, airy even.  Treat her like your little brat sister who you tease mercilessly but you both know you love her just the same.  Do lots of fun things, fun activities.  Keep the movement and energy high – and then, when you find a quiet moment, fill it with that kiss.

Oh, and don’t be scared to highlight your experience.  Say you’re talking about some aspect of sex – young girls in general LOVE to talk about sex – and she says “Oh, I’ve never done that.”

Feel free to give her a sly look and respond with something like “Well we’ll have to teach you then.  It’s a necessary ingredient for any good repertoire – and you’ll LOVE it.”  Say it in such a way she isn’t sure if you’re propositioning her or not – leave her guessing.  Ideally, she should be wondering if a sophisticate like yourself is really serious about getting intimate with a young lady like herself.

And you want her to keep wondering.  Remember, treat her like a young brat, always having fun, but like she’s not ready to handle the likes of YOU.
Then, when the moment comes, take FIRM CONTROL.  For all the idiots out there, that doesn’t mean manhandle or assault.  Jerk.

That means you GUIDE her, you don’t ask for permission, you stay in control of the entire encounter, and lead her to and through her dream fantasy of being taught the ways of love by an older more experienced man.
Be that man.

Young Lady with Baby Pick-Up

A lot of guys, once they see a woman has a kid (or kids), they freak and run away.  A number of things add to this – they’re scared there’s a father lurking nearby and they’ll be treated like a camper getting between a mother bear and her cubs.  They’re also scared that they’ll be volunteered as the dad, and that isn’t an attractive prospect.

The truth of the matter in the modern world is, a lot of women are single mothers.  Especially the young ones.  And, if you don’t have the moral qualms, a number of young ones are attached – but unhappily, as a result of the kid.

Not to mention, when they’ve got a young kid, they’re suffering from the sudden change to motherhood.  They still yearn for carefree party days, they miss them, but they’ve got all this new responsibility that keeps them up nights and most guys suddenly don’t want to know them.
Potent.  These ladies are sitting ducks.

Know the old saying “Love me, love my babies.”  That’s the key right there.  Use the kid as your opening, talk about what a cute kid the lady has, throw the compliments around liberally where the child is concerned.

This is wonderful because it doesn’t seem like a pick-up at all, and it’ll open up a conversation where you find out about her love life, as well (if you don’t want to pursue the attached women of the world).

Then, you can transition to talking about how her life has changed, how she doesn’t get to go out as much as she used to – and, as if you just thought of it on the spot, say something like “You know what, you deserve a reward.  This Tuesday let your mom watch your baby and we’ll go do something fun – something like you USED to do.”

This method will work pretty damn well.

More to come.

Derek Vitalio

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