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Unstoppable Confidence

Author: Derek Vitalio

1.IN vollume1,in almost all chapters i had read. you tell how us to relax and to do excercie after thatand do diff things after each chapter(close your eye breath in and out).how does it connect to being a player.

2.from all the relexsation exerises,like trafering all the negative from the pass(back and white)and storing positivty to my i imagine them or how is it done(is it a spiritual thing)

3. How long will it take for me to be an unstoppable confidence player.

4.why the exerises,(it's like a proffessor giving me homework after class everyday)is there anything i can do without exerise.


The relaxation exercise is meant to get rid of all interenal distractions, all unnecessary thoughts and allow you to get into a meditative state to better do the exercises.

As for the exercises, YES do imagine them as vividly as you can. It is NOT a spiritual thing.

If you want to do something right away, use the approaches in 3 Master Keys and approach 3 women every day for unstoppable confidence. They don't have to be hot women and you don't have to try to pick them up. Just start a friendly conversation with them based on what the book tells you. This will help you get use to talking with women and have unstoppable confidence.


Derek Vitalio

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