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Womens Sexual Fantasy

Author: Derek Vitalio

This is very interesting in terms of womens sexual fantasy. Girls love to dream. So dream with them:) First -they'll identify with you more strongly ("wow, a guy that likes to dream as well!"). But more importantly - dream a dream that is to her liking, and that liking will quickly translate into liking YOU:)

Apart from being an application of time distortion to make her feel like she's known you for a long time, bullshit womens sexual fantasy is also a powerful rapport and intense emotions creater, with all of those feelings quite naturally being linked to you. As they are just fantasies and dreams which are safe to share, the girl's possible resistance to participating will be almost non-existent, yet the feelings created can become very real indeed:)

If she believes that you both like and want the same things she can still become very attracted to you if she also believes that you know more than she does about how to get those things that you both want, even if you don't deliver those things or feelings at the moment. She can become attracted to you if she believes that you will reach those goals faster than she will. She can become attracted to you if she believes you can show her how she can get what she wants. This is a very common womens sexual fantasy.

For example, looking back at a scenario involving a girl who loves money and power. Even if you don't have that money and power, talking about how you will have all of that in the near future will go a long way. You can describe all the luxuries yet to be enjoyed and how wonderful it will be. Be as descriptive as you can and try to involve her in the realization of this womens sexual fantasy that WILL COME TRUE.

Derek Vitalio

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