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About Fear And Anxiety

Fear and Anxiety affects us all, particularly when it comes to approaching and attracting women.  This is one of the first milestones a developing pick up artist needs to overcome.  To step out of our comfort zone requires practice.  However, the following articles offer a helping hand.

4 Reasons Why Women Reject Men

David DeAngelo - Most men HATE the idea of “rejection”. I’m not talking about “don’t like the idea” or “wish it didn’t happen”… I’m talking HATE here.

Being Comfortable With Negative Feelings

Thundercat - As human beings, we all move towards that which is familiar. It’s a natural instinct to seek out familiar things because we are comfortable with them – be they people, places, or things. The same is true of feelings.

You Can Get The Kinds Of Women You've Always Wanted

Giuseppe Notte - Guys who have less self-confidence when it comes to women like to think that they don't “deserve” to get the kinds of women they really want. Well, if you belong to this group, I have good news for you. Just keep reading!

Learning To Love Approach Anxiety

Adam Lyons - Approach anxiety is something everyone new to game has to deal with.  And it’s necessary.  After all, if you don’t deal with that discomfort, you are never going to get better with women. 

An Approach To Approach Anxiety

Adam Lyons - If you understand why you have this fear or anxiety, you can take steps to counter it.

4 Keys To Overcome Your Nervousness Around Women

John Alexander - Standing at the magazine rack thumbing through Cosmo, she has the most gorgeous face you've ever seen. Her hair is silky brown. Her skin looks so radiant and so incredibly soft. You would be on top of the world if you could pick her this girl up...

How To Cure Your Fear of Women

David DeAngelo - What prevents men from being successful with women? Well, the list goes on and on... but one of the elements that TOPS the list is FEAR.

Socially Awkward

Carlos Xuma - I was always a shy kid. I was embarrassed easily, and I always wanted to avoid those situations where I was put at the center of attention.

How To Change Your Shyness Part I

NightVision- This is one of a 3 part article by David DeAngelo. It contains within alot of insight and understanding on human psychology as related to shyness...

How To Change Your Shyness Part II

David DeAngelo - Here are some helpful things that are fairly simple that you can incorporate into your everyday life immediately

How To Change Your Shyness Part III

David DeAngelo - Okay, now the really good stuff. Here we’re going to work on changing your beliefs, and your pain anchors, which should get rid of your shyness for good. But first, we need to know exactly what they are...

Surrender To The Moment

Sinn - I've been doing a lot of reading on psychology and spirituality recently and I've developed an idea that's reduced my approach anxiety by about 90%.

Tips To Overcome Approach Anxiety

Wayne Elise Juggler - How do you get over approach anxiety? Anxiety is like a fire. The best way to extinguish anxiety is to smoother it. Anxiety's oxygen is time. If you have time to think about something you will become anxious...

Conquering Approach Anxiety - 2 Perspectives

Richard La Ruina aka Gambler & Beckster - Frame it differently.  If you frame an approach as a do or die situation in which you are desperate for a close, this is high pressure. Frame it like this...

How I Defeated My AA Forever

Sasha - Now, what are the reasons that guys have licked AA would loose their skillset?

Failure To Deploy

Scot McKay - Okay, guys. Consider this scenario. You are going about your life minding your own business when all of the sudden…she appears. Before you is a woman who stuns you with her beauty, her grace, her femininity. She has the whole package working....

Understanding Rejection

Neo Rio - There is no such thing as rejection. What there is though...

How To Overcome Fear of Approaching Women

Michael W - In a topic that so many others make CONFUSING, I want to SMASH through all the obfuscation and give you CLARITY and IMMEDIATELY APPLICABLE tips that you can use to get results NOW.

Smack That Ass!

Sean Newman - Women dream every day of having a cool, confident guy approach them and make them smile in their day-to-day lives. They don't want to have to wait until 1:15 at the bar on a Friday for some drunken fool to make his move before the lights come on.

Destroy Approach Anxiety

Sean Newman - Today I’m going to share a dirty little secret that all attractive men know, but few will admit to. No one starts out totally comfortable talking to strangers. But in order to become an attractive men and get the women you want, it’s something you have to get used to.

State Control

Tyler Durden - Revelations for me, probably other guys thought of this... To my mind, this is really important shit.


DCB - The magic bullet to getting girls is supposedly having confidence. With it you can leap buildings, fuck supermodels, and demand a raise from your boss. But how important is it really? And how do you get it?

Attitude For Effective Action

Michael W - A guy could read for years on all the best "methods" for meeting and attracting women, but unless he takes ACTION, nothing is going to happen. The problem with not taking action, is that it doesn't get easier to take action by waiting and doing nothing...

How Charisma Is Made Not Born

Michael W - I have to let you know something. To me, the whole point of learning about how to be good with women was always about what I could do to improve myself to actually ADD attractive value. It was never about "how to get sex".