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Field Reports are real life examples of seduction. Here are detailed pick up artist reports on their experience with picking up women that we can all learn from.

Mad Dash Wings Style

Average Rating: 4.52 [Total Votes: 36]

Field Report - This is an actual FR from Neil Strauss and Maddash and it is very detailed (and quite long). If you read it before you go on a sarge you will already find yourself in state as if you have opened up some sets already and this will make any further openings that much easier…

Tylers Solid Game

Average Rating: 4.27 [Total Votes: 33]

NightVision - This Field Report is GOLD. Tyler Durden runs solid game on HB10 and friends. Each step of this field report includes the motive in doing so. Too many developing PUAs gets so hung up on hurrying the process. Feel the situation and give time if need be. Of course the more you practice the more you'll be able to calibrate for each set instinctively.