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Banter Battle Romance

Author: Joe Brody, Lauren

NightVision :The great thing about this field report is that you get to hear both sides of it, the guy and the girl. It gives us men a very unique perspective.

Joe Brody Is A Senior PickUp 101 Instructor

Field Report: Banter Battle Romance, Joe's Story

We did a seminar called Charismatic Conversations a couple of weekends ago. I showed up late Friday just in time to demonstrate how to banter. I started off bantering with Sean which quickly became hostile as it does very often with guys. The point was that you need to be cool with guys because it usually just becomes a pissing contest and makes you look like an idiot.

Then did I demo of the same thing with two of the three girls who were there for feedback and demonstrations. One of the girls I had worked with at many workshops, but the other two were new. The one I had worked with before was tired; I was fresh and she didn't stand a chance. One of the new girls saw what happened and really wanted to get a crack at it. So, next thing I know we're going toe to toe playing and busting on each other. This time it wasn't as one-sided and a little more challenging. I think I still had her beat. We finally break from the segment and walk off to grab some water.

Now, you have to appreciate this situation. I walk in and everyone else knows me except for the new girls. Because it was the middle of a lecture, I was never introduced and right when I walked in, I literally was pulled up to demo in front of 40 people and a camera crew. So the new girls are thinking "who the hell is this guy who hasn't been here for the last 8 hours and then just comes up here and whips our butts in a battle of wits."

So, sensing that vibe, I walk to the back ignoring them to get some water. Partly because I was thirsty, partly because I knew they wanted to meet me now, so I wanted to play a little hard to get. A bunch of guys from the seminar approached us and started asking questions. We finally had to interrupt this to introduce ourselves for the first time.

As the evening goes on, we joke a little bit and I get the sense that one of them is into me - nothing specific, just an intuition. I finally had to leave to take students out.

Fast forward to Saturday...

I decide to sleep in on Saturday and lounge around. I finally show back to the workshop around 5pm. I walk in and the girls are up in front of everyone while Lance is lecturing on something. They all notice me when I walk in and smile. I start to make silly faces at them trying to get them to laugh since I'm in the back (and no one can see me) and they're in the front (and everyone can see them).

Eventually, some other presentations go on and the girls weren't needed. I get distracted pretty easily so I head outside of our conference room and the girls with a bunch of other instructors follow.

It's funny because the whole presentation over the weekend was on having great conversation through witty banter and story telling. I wish that a camera had been outside with us because we were having a blast doing just that. We were all sharing stories and joking around like we had known each other since the 2nd grade.

Anyways, as we were hanging out it had become apparent that the one of the new girls was into me. What was it specifically? I kept busting on her in a fun way and kept getting the open mouth I can't believe you just said that face. She would flirt back with me and bust on me. The other instructors could sense the vibe as well. I went down to the bar to grab a beer and could tell she wanted to come. So I invited her. She was very eager to come with me to grab a drink and that's the point I knew it was on.

Some a key points that I recognized with her. She was a girl that not only was good at banter, but enjoyed an exchange of verbal wits. Not all girls are like this. Personally, my banter tends to be non-stop and unrelenting so meeting similar girls is typical for me. Had this been a different girl I would say that just vibing, being cool and NOT bantering at would have been the correct way to continue. So because she enjoyed banter I continued to banter, but also started to build a connection.

One of the things that I did is introduced jokes and banter from call back humor. The way I used it was to build our "own" inside jokes. This helped create an "us" because we had our secret language and jokes. Most of the other instructors heard the jokes as well, but when we went out later this "us" became more and more apparent. I had not committed to teaching Saturday night, but one of our instructors who has been MIA was back in town and I wanted to tag along with him. So, I brought the new girl along.

At this point it was definitely a date type of situation. It was me and her going out together, tagging along with the instructors who were taking students out. I kept her close most of the night and definitely physically escalated. I just treated her like a boyfriend would treat a girlfriend when we were out.

Something that used to happen to me a lot is that I would fail to connect with women. This would happen because I would continue with the banter endlessly. When you start to get good at it, it becomes addictive because you're always getting smiles and laughs. No matter what end you can do this to, if you never actually attempt to connect, nothing real will come from the interaction. If something does, it tends to be a relationship that is only banter and lacks any real intimacy.

So, later in the evening I decided to lay it all out. I let her know exactly who I was and what I was about. I told her both about my flaws and my passions. I told her what really scared me in life, but also what I was excited about. I let her know that I hadn't figured everything out and wasn't going to pretend to, but I had a good idea of what direction I wanted to go in life. I gave her my personal philosophy on what is important in life and how my current life reflects what I think is the most important. Now this wasn't a logical conversation. This was a very serious and sincere talk, with body language that reflected that. It wasn't contrived either. I was very serious about what I was talking about and that was communicated with how I talked about it. Lessons Learned:

So looking back on this interaction the key point to take away is that:

These tools always work and they can NOT be faked.

A lot of guys think that they obviously work, but only because people don't know about them. Guys will think that if told girls exactly what we did (banter, kino, etc), then they would not work. Hell, even girls will think that this stuff won't work on them if they knew about it, but it's really silly. People can't control their emotions. They can manage them, but they cannot control them.

This girl had been hit on all day, listened to lecture on flirting all day, and was being bantered by a guy doing a demonstration for other guys. That's like the ultimate this should not work situation, but it did because these things always work.

The key take aways from this really are that this stuff always works, whether they know what you're doing or not.

Field Report: Banter Battle Romance, Lauren's Story

A couple years ago a friend of mine told me I should get a job helping men learn how to pick-up women. Coincidentally, I recently found that opportunity through Pickup101 as one of the females that gives feedback during their workshops.

I started helping out because I was just hoping to gain some perspective on why men try approaching women the way they do (and possibly help some women out by letting guys know what we're all sick of hearing). I had given very little thought about the instructors or the workshops.

A few weeks ago, I went strolling into a seminar called Charismatic Conversations expecting to do my job simply by being honest about what works for me and what doesn't. I never expected to meet someone at a seminar like this and certainly not one of the instructors who's a so called "pick-up artist."

I'm not the kind of woman who falls for the same old lines, I also don't buy all the bullshit men think works -- including these instructors. I like to challenge men who attempt to pick-up on me. If nothing else, it makes it amusing for me. Needless to say, this challenge is rarely met by any guy. Most men either get intimidated or probably consider me a bitch. Really, it just takes more than the same boring conversation to catch my attention.

Later that evening, the topic of discussion had turned to 'banter.' Lance brought up one of his instructors, Joe Brody, a so-called expert in this area. Joe was asked to do a demo with one of the other girls. He was this goofy guy who I didn't expect much from. Joe and one of the girls were asked to engage in a banter battle. A banter battle is a battle of wits where you try to one up the other person. It's not something that would happen in real life, but an exercise to practice getting better at banter.

As I was sitting there I found myself laughing and wishing I was the one who was asked to banter with this guy. He clearly had his shit together and needed the challenge of a woman who would throw it right back at him. After a minute of him dominating the conversation with the one of the girls, Lance asked the other girls if they wanted a shot with him.

Yes! This was my chance to put this guy in his place. He couldn't be that smooth, right?

He came at me with the ridiculous approach of "accidentally" bumping into me (not his best work), followed by some lines that completely threw me off. No man has ever had the temerity to say what he did and get away with it! He kept me on my toes -- I was impressed.

What kept my attention was -- he kept making me laugh! The really difficult part was trying to keep up my wit while he was making me laugh. I wanted to one up him, but because I was laughing, I really couldn't be mean and blow him off. It's weird how when you're smiling and laughing you can't help but to feel good.

During a break following this demo, a bunch of guys from the seminar came up to us to ask questions. After a couple minutes I had to pause to formally introduce myself to Joe as we had never met before doing the demo. The guys we were talking to were floored that we didn't already know each other from before and laughed when we told them this 'demo' was out first interaction together.

To be perfectly honest, it felt like I did already know him though. For the rest of the weekend we could not stop flirting and, eventually, kissing. I had so much fun with him it was almost surreal. It was his sheer honesty and open communicationthat gave me the sense of security to just roll with it.

By the time Sunday night of the seminar came around, with reality and logic running through my mind, I started to question the whole weekend; his motives, mine, is this worth continuing, how much did we really have to drink, etc.

And I'm telling him all this when he stops me, looks me square in the eyes and says,

"I like you. I think you're cool and I really want to see you again."

I was speechless. Not only speechless but I was sure I wanted see him again. So what does all this mean? I don't have a clue, but no matter what happens, I finally met a man who took me completely by surprise and he puts a smile on my face every time I hear from him.

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