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Mad Dash Wings Style

Author: Neil Strauss , Mad Dash

This is an actual FR from Neil Strauss and Mad Dash and it is very detailed (and quite long). If you read it before you go on a sarge you will already find yourself in state as if you have opened up some sets already and this will make any further openings that much easier….

MD: Started by opening a 2-set at some cheesy sports bar. I walk up with the cologne opener: From here, I work into "where are you from?" (weak, I admit, but a warm-up) and then they talk a little about what they do, etc. I tell them that I have to go back to Neil Strauss and eat, and I do a takeaway. I get HUGE IOI's at this point. We eat, and head back to their table a little later. We corner the one with the huge IOI's from earlier and #-close in about five minutes. I worked into the convo the "Albino-Gary Coleman Opener" ( Neil Strauss ) AKA the "short-guy opener" ( Mad Dash ) (credit also due to Swinggcat for this one):

Neil Strauss : "Hey, we need to get a woman's opinion on something. We're meeting a friend here, and he just broke up with his girlfriend. We're supposed to give him some advice on meeting women. So what do you  think that women look for in guys at a bar?" After they answer, we say, "Okay, there's just one thing you should know. He's 5'1" and...did you ever watch Different Strokes? Do you remember Gary Coleman? Well, he's like a white albino Gary Coleman." Then, when they start to laugh, we neg them for being so shallow. From here, we elicit a "value hierarchy," and ask what qualities he would have to have for them to go out with them. Example: she says "funny," we say, "well, what if he has no sense of humor?" Then she gives us her next highest criteria. So, in general, after you say, "So, he's a white albino 5'1" Gary Coleman who's not funny, rich, or really intelligent." And as she laughs, you tease with, "Well, you know, you're not really his type anyway. Sorry." Also, he #closes her and promises to call so she can join us tonight, Mad Dash holds out his hands. She puts hers on top, and he slaps them (like the childhood game) and says, "Oh well, I can't call you tonight. You're too slow."

Mad Dash : We end up at a half-trendy, half-cheesy club where Neil Strauss knows the doorman. I open up a bartender with cologne opener and we are very nice to her. This is important, because when I'm sarging her at the end of the night, she says, DDB, "You two are the only people who introduced themselves to me all night."
We walk in and Neil Strauss pulls a psychic-bitch opener (it would be known as a "psychic" opener, but he's a bitch for not telling me how it's done). I will spare you the details. Bitch. Anyway, he has a bunch of latino 6's dripping for him within 45 seconds. Quite impressive. I walk away and open a 3-set with the cologne opener, and then I freeze and run out of shit to say, so I move (flawlessly) into the accomplishment intro about Neil Strauss (note from Neil Strauss : this is a new tactic where you basically brag about your wing with a story, and it social proofs both of you. Agree on a story beforehand.), telling them how they just have to meet him later. They light up and I do a takeaway. I come back to Neil Strauss and hang around for a bit. I open up another 2-set without success (and without detail, because I can't remember much about it).

Neil Strauss opens up with the Prom Date opener. I converse with B Tall-Blonde (7.5). She resists but eventually breaks down. For some reason, I am totally genuine with BTB, even though I am lying through my teeth and telling her I own a club in Chicago. I work into Mercenary routine ("I went to Mercenary school" ...etc etc etc ... too long to post here) she is getting wet. At one point, these two mention something about how they are having a good time. I tell them "that's because you are talking to the two most interesting guys in this entire place". They agree. Go, me. I forget the rest of the set. We eventually do a takeaway.

Neil Strauss : My target is very cute, great rapport, though I can't remember now the routines I used. After, we spot two nice-bodied girls, shimmying on the outskirts of the dancefloor. They look like they think they're hot, so we come in with a neg and ask if they know that they have matching dimples on their back. They say they're sisters. Then we say that maybe the forceps dented them on the way out. Anyway,  Mad Dash takes one HB and I take the other. I neg mine about probably being a tomboy as a child (my new favorite neg--WHEN it seems true) and she's upset, though her sister agrees. I give her the Albino Gary Coleman, but she says, 'whatever he does, make sure he doesn't approach girls like you approached me.' I tell her, 'awww, that's cute. you think I'm hitting on you.' I'm REALLY losing her (and this is the fun of the game), I reel her back in with a value elicitation that tells her a lot about herself.

Mad Dash : I launch into a palm-reading routine with the gypsy-Indian sister HB. I go into how her mound of Venus is low, and ask if she's a virgin. She says "almost", and the humor is lost. However, the impact is heightened. I keep going for awhile, and then notice that she has man hands. I remark on this and she flips out. Uh, can you say neg-gone-bad? She tells me that I can go talk to someone else with that attitude, I can go ask other females if they are really men, etc. I apologize, and ask her if she has a good sense of humor or not, I tell her how I am really genuine and I just say what's on my mind and I assume everyone has a good sense of humor, but she's not biting. I decide to give up, and end with "Are you a bitch to everyone, or just people cooler than you?". To my surprise, she apologizes to me. HFS. I wasn't expecting that, I was expecting a kick in the nuts. Takeaway.

Back to the VIP room. Mighty fucking fine blonde with big-ass C-D cups, fish-net top, no bra, fucking A awesome, Mad Dash style bizatch. Neil Strauss and I work in with the cologne opener, and for some reason I really get into Stacy and the convo flows smoothly. We talk about her home town, New Orleans, and I launch into a story that I forgot I had, the New Orleans "I can't believe I didn't end up getting mugged but ended up in the coolest ever party 2 blocks west of the French quarter" story. Good one, me. She loves me. Takeaway.
Neil Strauss : In the meantime, I work her friend. Honestly, they're both the STARS of the room. Maybe not the HOTTEST, but the most PLATINUM BLONDE. Anyway, the point is: it turns out that Mad Dash 's target is just a new-girl-in-town from New Orleans and mine is just a shy homebody, though they look like total club whores. So we treat them like the sad, lonely little girls they are. Takeaway.

Now, we're in total state. Our goal is to work the club: to open as many sets as possible, then go back through the club with all the social proof and reap the rewards. On the patio, I see a short Cuban girl with just the most beautiful face. She's in a four-set with a guy. I'm not even thinking of sarging, but I just tell her she has the most amazing facial structure. I ask if anyone's told her before, and she and her friends say no. Anyway--bam-- Mad Dash and I are in, and we each end up number-closing our targets there.

Mad Dash : Notable here, I am in state. My target is a psychologist, but she won't admit it. She keeps making me guess what she does. She tells me it's the opposite of "business". So I say "you are in the pleasure business". She laughs, I keep guessing stupid occupations until she admits she's a shrink. Then I launch into discussions of Campbell and Jung, and how Jung's followers are total pricks. She likes me, because I know what the "red book" is. I #-close her, tell her she is coming to Chicago soon.

Neil Strauss : So, now it's time to round up our targets. On the way up to the roof, see another set, open it up, and have another girl to round up later. I run into her five minutes later, and show her my new belt (it has a lighter attached--I also use this as an opener. I ask if anyone has a cigarette, and then say "no, I don't want it; i just want to give someone a light," and then I show my new belt.) Anyway, she wants to know where I got it. I say I'm never telling, you'll have to torture me. And she starts pinching me everywhere, then I have her massage it out of me. Of course, I neg her on how bad the massage is. So, we run into the B Tall Blonde and her cute little friend again. They're talking to two guys, and we just run up and pretend like they're old friends, and then steal them away. We tell them, "You looked like you needed rescuing." Lots of kino now; the little one keeps grabbing my ass. My mistake here was not to phase-shift and make out, because she was READY. Also, Mad Dash does a dollar-bill trick that they eat up. We learn a lesson here: one takeaway is good, because you're IN when you return. After two or three takeaways, the novelty starts to wear off.

Mad Dash : The little HB grabbed my ass multiple times as well. I threatened to charge her for the privilege. Anyway, we start to walk off ( Neil Strauss holding the little HB's hand) but I excuse myself to go to the bathroom and that's the last I see of them. From there, I run into the platinum-blonde fish-net booby girl again, and she rubs my arm, tells me she will be back, and that's the last I see of her. Ummm hmmm. Wish I had this field report about 4 hours ago.

I open up a set of spanish girls with the cologne opener. Good job,  me.

I meet a brown-haired little midwestern looking girl and talk for not 15 seconds before I grow a true appreciation of her down-home looks and tell her "God, you are really fucking pretty." She blushes, and she's mine. We talk for a little while, I invite her back to Chicago, and tell her she's fucking pretty again (remember you fucking AFC-whores, this was in-the-moment kind of shit, and it was genuine, so it wasn't AFC. It was PUA. It was from a position of superiority.) I #-close her in short-order, and get several kisses on the cheek. This is one of my true failures of the night, I could've *-closed her easily had I been thinking properly. I just had too many sets on my mind.

Neil Strauss : Oh, and before this, we run into the Forceps Sisters. And the funny thing is, they're happy to see us. We work on our respective sisters, and the fact is that, again, we could have been making out, out too many sets and didn't just go caveman and take charge. Anyway, I work on another Spanish girl. Really tall and sexy. And I just break her down. I do psychic bitch routine, find some good commonalities, and really break into her world. Anyway, without me mentioning it, she says, "I'm going to give you my number, and I'll leave it up to you whether you call me or not." And, then, funny guy that I am, I use my new SELF-PORTRAIT #CLOSE. I tell her, "Why don't you draw a picture of yourself, so that I can remember what you look like." I'm doing this all the time now.

Also, I must mention one of Mad Dash 's great new things. He asks where they're from. Maddash then challenges them to a thumb-wrestling war. After he wins (he's not above cheating), he says he's working on the 50 states, and so far he's the world-champion of four of them.

Mad Dash : A few more sarges, Neil Strauss stepped on some girls purses and I made them love him for it, then I threatened to crush her purse and lipstick with my heel if she wasn't good. Anyway, the club closes too early for us, and we learn:

2 takeaways. 3 not as good. 4 fatal.

Neil Strauss : I think he means 1 takeaway (2 visits) is ideal.

Other moral: When you're done opening up the room, find your targets and strike while the iron is hot. Don't forget that, once you're in, you can unleash your desire and speak to their desire. We could have been *closing a lot of HBs if we hadn't gone so sarge-mad. Also, the club was far from my house, so extracting wasn't easy. It was awesome, though, because it felt like we owned the club. We went from not knowing everyone to knowing everybody, HBs were always coming up to us and say hi, but we let too many slip through our fingers by not closing before the club closed!.

Oh, and another point: During a sarge, I continue to sarge others in the room. There are two aspects to this: If an HB tries to walk past, I may block her path for fun or point out something about her to the HBs I'm sarging. This way, when I'm done, she's warmed up for me to approach her. Second, I TALK TO GUYS during a sarge. If a guy approaches the HBs, I'm not threatened. I turn my back to them, talk to him, earn his respect easily, and then turn back to the HBs. It shows they're not THAT important to me--and it disarms the guy and gives me alpha points. (The exception here is if the guy is a major jerk or trying to out-alpha, in which case I shut him out with body language and holding the HB's attention.) Other times, if I see a couple on a date, I'll help the guy get in with his girl. (Unless, of course, I'm VERY attracted to the girl, in which case that's another story and I'll do the above, but then have my wing distract the guy while I #close the HB.)

Sarge and Learn,

Neil Strauss And Mad Dash

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