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Tyler's Field Report On Solid Game

Author: Tyler Durden

NightVision - This Field Report is GOLD. Tyler Durden runs solid game on HB10 and friends. Each step of this field report includes the motive in doing so. Too many developing PUAs gets so hung up on hurrying the process. Feel the situation and give time if need be. Of course the more you practice the more you'll be able to calibrate for each set instinctively.


I recently ran some ever strong game, to land myself an HOT BABE10 Kingston girlfriend. I'm really proud of this game, as it was pretty much perfect.

I'll post about the initial pickup, for which I've since become involved with this chick since the followup.

It was extremely LONG (2 hours +) but I'll post some exerpts.


Sitting at the school coffee shop, I spot a gorgeous girl bouncing around, very happy/bubbly, with her friend, as they study over on the couches near mine.

I am looking at rental houses and making notes on my labtop. I had not gamed yet that day, and was not warmed up to game an HOT BABE10.

Rather than letting her go, I started typing in some routines into my labtop that I would run should I stall.

-girl apartment / sexual predators, 100%suicide

-parents / goldfish routine

-jealous girlfriend story

-travelling / swingdance routine

-C&F love frame


I memorized this quickly, and walked over to the set.

At this point, I use so many tools that I've internalized, that I literally don't have time to do a pure TOOLBOX report. However, I will insert comments.


Walk over / confident / slow.

Lean on the tall couch arm initially, with bodylanguage facing away from them to disarm.

TYLER: guys.. I can only stay 30 seconds, but I need to get a female opinion on something..

I'm working on my labtop, to find a place for next year.......

**Here I've used a FALSE TIME CONSTRAINT to DISARM any concerns they have that I'm going to stay and chat them. This appears much less needy, and the pointing to my expensive labtop that I've left unattended on the other couch is proof of that (though not needed at all, but was bonus here). IMO, ALL group SEATED group sets should start with a false time-constraint, to disarm their concern of why you're sitting with them.

I proceed to sit down as they give more feedback, and perceive that they've EARNED your attention.

TYLER (continued): anyway, I'm thinking of moving into a house with ALL GIRLS.. I dunno, what do you guys think about that?

HOT BABES: blah blah blah...

TYLER: yeah that's cool.. see the thing is though, I remember back in first year when I had a LONG TERM RELATIONSHIP.. I had all these female friends, and we were totally best friends you know.. but then, once I broke up with my LONG TERM RELATIONSHIP after first year, I started dating other girls.. and my female friends got all jealous you know..

HOT BABES: haha.. girls are SOOO territorial..

TYLER: yeah.. so I dunno..

HOT BABES: well we lived with guys this year.. and we made a CONTRACT that nobody could hookup in the house.. that way there'd be no problems.. besides, wouldn't you LOVE to have the girls bringing their friends over so that you could meet them..

TYLER: yeah I could see that.. but for me, I don't like to hookup with girls that I have to see all the time, you know?

HOT BABES: what? you like to always have new girls?

TYLER: hey, that wasn't what I said.. although the answer to that question is YES..

HOT BABES: hahahhaha... well what did you mean?

TYLER: I just meant that I didn't want to have to see them when we broke up, cause they'd feel all uncomfortable or jealous, you know? Girls are like such total predators..

HOT BABES: ahhaha..

TYLER: man, I'm soo glad I asked you guys this.. you guys gave me such good insights.. this is like having the chicks from THE VIEW (TV show) right here live! (this was after they gave more insight, as much fluff is cut from this post)

HOT BABES: hahahahah..

TYLER: yeah so the thing is right.. I can't trust girls I think.. cause they're so predatorial and
all that..

HOT BABES: no way! guys are more predatorial!

TYLER: ummmm.. girls are the only gender with an organ designed SOLELY for sexualpleasure.. and it has 10 times more nerve endings.. you don't hear guys going "oooohhhh ooooohhhh!!!! yeeeeessss!!! yessssss!!!! moooooreee!!! you are my KIIIIINNGGG!!!"

HOT BABES: hahahahahhaha.. that's soooo x-chick..

TYLER: yeah, so girls are scary.. you know that statistically, 100% of guys who get date raped on campus commit suicide within 6 months of the incident..

HOT BABE10: how can that happen???

HOT BABE7: he's joking HOT BABE10..

TYLER: hahahahahah.. (looking at HOT BABE10 like she's a dork)

HOT BABES: hahahaha..

TYLER: yeah, so girls are scary.. (make scared face and cover my face)

HOT BABES: hahahahha

TYLER: you know I even got almost date raped once..

HOT BABES: yeah right!

TYLER: yep seriously.. I was at Guvernment in Toronto.. and all my girlfriends were hanging with my guy friends.. but the girls left.. and my guy friends wanted me to chat girls with them.. but I didn't want to you know.. cause its so loud, and its hard on my throat.. but my friends started making fun of me, cause they talk about how I always say that guys are supposed to take charge.. so I went and tickled this go-go dancer... and she tickled me back, so I dragged her out of the club kicking and screaming.. but really she was giggling.. so I'm outside with her, and I'm like "WTF do I do now?" Cause I'm not really into ONS from clubs anymore, cause I always feel empty you know? So anyway, we go back to her house cause she wants to, and I want to go to sleep.. I have to sleep beside my friend Papa if I sleep over at my friends house in Toronto, so I just want to sleep beside this girl.. but she wanted to have sex.. and I told her "no way! how much do you do this girl??? you need to find love!" But she kept trying, and I had to run out of her apartment..

HOT BABES: hahahahah yeah right! you're lying!

TYLER: hey! I almost got date-raped! I might be dead right now, and you guys are laughing at me??? (cover my face all shy)

HOT BABES: hahahahah.. we're so sorry!

TYLER: you know what.. I love you guys.. you guys are the best.. I'm adopting you guys.. you guys rock..

HOT BABES: yay! we love you so much.. what's your name (I run all the usual bullshit)

TYLER: what I really need for next year is a chick who will support me.. you know, a rich girl..

HOT BABES: we could introduce you to x-girl.. she's sooo rich.. you could be her boy-toy..

TYLER: NICE.. and then I can have affairs with you guys on the side..

HOT BABES: yeah.. for sure.. (they're showing alot of physical IOIs by now.. they're joking, but not joking)

TYLER: yeah you guys rock.. you know next year, when all those scary predator girls come and try to be mean to me, I'm gonna bring you guys to their house and say "these guys are my new best friends and I adopted them and I love them so much! they said that you need to have a contract to leave me alone and they're cool like the View girls and they know what's up, so you have to leave me alone!

(this is callback humour, C&F frames of roleplaying, and making jokes about spending time together in the future.. they laugh at this for almost 2 minutes straight)

HOT BABES: hahahahah... yeah, totally!

TYLER: you know, I wish I didn't have to go through all this.. I loved living with my parents so much! My mom would always cook for me.. Even now, I know you guys probably think I have lots of girls, but I always have a soft spot for girls who take care of me.. like "TYLER gets cold if he doesn't wear his thick coat".. when girls do stuff like that, and do up my jacket zipper and take care of me, I get such a soft spot I love them so much I can just never want anyone but them..

(this is a mindfuck, designed to make them think that they have a CHANCE with me, which at this point even the HOT BABE10 thinks I'm such money shit that I have to do this so that I don't overqualify myself)

HOT BABES: hahahah.. typical guy..

TYLER: hey don't you love me?? I thought I adopted you guys.. won't you take care of me

(pouty look)

HOT BABES: no no TYLER.. we love you so much.. (taking care of me)

TYLER: hahahahh, I think I love you guys now.. you're totally doing what I want!

HOT BABES: hey!! hahahaha...

TYLER: yeah so anyway, I love my mom so much.. but my dad I can't trust...

HOT BABES: why not?

TYLER: cause when I was a kid, I had these goldfish.. (RE: PUPPYDOG ROUTINES in the ATTRACTION ROUTINES section right now, GOLDFISH ROUTINE.. this routine is field tested and pure money)

HOT BABES: aaaaawwww..... OMG, that's SO CUTE.... OMG OMG OMG OMG.... you were so helpless.. it wasn't your fault TYLER!!!

TYLER: thanks guys.. I love you guys so much..

HOT BABES: yeah, we're psych majors..

TYLER: what year?

HOT BABES: first year..

TYLER: OMG you're frosh.. OMG dweebs.. wait a sec, are you adventurous? cause if you're not adventurous I can't hang with you guys..

HOT BABES: (looking like WTF???) yeah we're adventurous.. TOTALLY..

TYLER: OK that makes up for the froshiness.. I can hang with you guys.. I love you..

HOT BABES: what year are you in?

TYLER: guess..


TYLER: yeah, I'm travelling this year though, so I'll be back net year..

HOT BABES: where to?

TYLER: (unload the whole deal.. NYC, LA, etc etc.. tell them about how I dress like a rockstar to get into the "goodlooking" clubs in LA.. about how I met the Dahm triplets and got to visit the Playboy mansion (bullshit))

HOT BABES: wow....

TYLER: yeah.. and then I went to Wisconsin.. the city of CHEESE...

HOT BABES: hahahah


HOT BABES: OMG.. awwwww.. that's so cute.. you're like the coolest guy..

TYLER: thanks guys.. I love you guys so much.. you guys are like the coolest girls ever..

HOT BABES: ahhahahahaha..

Then my friend comes in, who is a dude that I am training but still has no skill. I run ACCOMPLISHMENT INTRO (this guy is the coolest guy ever), and he begins to chat.

DUDE: yeah so I thought of going to australia.... but the tuition is so expensive..

TYLER: dude, girls don't like to talk about logical stuff like this.. they'll leave us and I love them so much I don't want that to happen.. they'll up and leave..

HOT BABE7: hey I heard that.. I resent that.. that's not true, I want to hear about his tuition.. (now here she's got pissed, and she's for real even though she LOVES me.. she wants an apology and its obvious since I've flat out called girls retarded if you think about it)

TYLER: you know what.. I'm sorry.. I apologize..

HOT BABE7: its ok..

TYLER: I'm sorry............... I'm sorry that girls don't like to talk about anything logical...

HOT BABES: hahahahahahhahhahahhahah... (pass shit test - give an apology to disarm ANGER, then go C&F to get them back into aroused state)

TYLER: no seriously, sorry though...

HOT BABES: hhahaah its OK..



What follows is the first time I've ever posted this.

This is my new rapport building material, which I use all the time now. Some lines I got from My friend, Papa , and other friends. Most I made up myself. It focuses on building commonalities, and on BAITING the chick to do something to make her PERCEIVE herself as having EARNED your interest. I CONSTANTLY get her to qualify herself to me, and show her that she MET my qualifications. I make up reasons if necessary.

HOT BABE: yeah so I'm quitting smoking.. blah blah

TYLER: yeah, I did that too (bullshit).. its so hard you know.. its so cool that you're doing that.. I know its so hard..

HOT BABE: yeah, I think its just cause I have like an ORAL FIXATION, its so hard to quit..

TYLER: ummmmmmmmm OMG... hey HOT BABE7, ummm I've just decided that HOT BABE10 is my NEW GIRLFRIEND.. is that OK?

HOT BABE7: hahah, yeah of course!

HOT BABE10: hahahahahahaha...

HOT BABE: yeah blah blah.. in this class I got a good mark blah blah..

TYLER: wow.. you know its SO WEIRD.. cause when you came over, I thought you know, this is just some blondie chick.. but you're like this totally smart chick... its like, you know you gave me all this advice about what to do next year.. and I'm so glad I came over and chatted you.. and now its like, you have all these good grades... and I took that course in first year and I got like the WORST mark.. wow its just so cool you know..

HOT BABE: yeah, so many people think that I'm just a dumb blonde..

TYLER: yeah.. its like you have a choice.. be a brunette and smart, or a blonde and dumb... well its obviously true.. I think that you should dye your hair brown before you go into exams next week..

(fractionation.. I sprinkle in LIGHT C&F to keep her aroused)

HOT BABE: hey! hahaha.. yeah so so many people think that stuff..

TYLER: yeah I know.. its so weird here at QueensU.. its like, people here all have these weird ideas.. but at the same time you know, its like its hard to relate to people OUTSIDE of Queen's also.. like people who don't go here give us this big image, and think that we're snobs..

(notice the repetition of theme here, where I'll say the same thing over and over about how there is only a SMALL SUBCLASS of people that we can relate to, and both of us are in that subclass)

TYLER (continued): its like.. see the four of us here.. we're totally just being genuine, and totally like relating to eachother and all that.. no problem.. but if we're talking to people outside of Queens, its kinda different you know?

HOT BABE: totally (DDB)... yeah its like the fault of Queens people I think too.. like they go around and propagate this image because they're total snobs..

TYLER: yeah, I think its cause alot of them come from private schools..

HOT BABE: yeah, totally...

TYLER: yeah, you know its like... see how the two of us, we're totally on the same wave length.. and its because you know, we have the same background.. and we came from public schools.. and we go to Queens now.. but with people who came here from private schools.. I dunno, its just different.. I don't know how to really put it into words though

(of course this is also because I am LYING and its NOT different and my friends from private school are NORMAL)

HOT BABE: yeah I totally feel that way.. its like they're so judgemental..

TYLER: yeah, its like its not genuine.. you know, like just talking to you.. its so genuine.....


HOT BABE: perfect....

TYLER: yeah...

HOT BABE: yeah...

TYLER: its like, I just want to treat you so perfect you know.. like, I want to treat you like a princess... YOU MAY NOT DESERVE IT, and you probably know that you don't.. but I want people who I have that kind of genuine thing with to feel that way.. so even though you don't deserve it, I want you to feel that way when you're around me..

HOT BABE: I want you to feel that way too, TYLER..

TYLER: yeah its weird you know.. like, I have so many insecurities.. and just cause people here are so "like that", I have all these thing I'll do..

HOT BABE: like what?

TYLER: well you know.. I always keep people around me laughing.. like tonight, i kept you guys laughing for like 2 hours.. and like, I'll always have a big entourage of girls around me, just cause I don't want other guys to think I'm lame..

(reminding them of how intelligent I must be to keep them laughing for over 2 hours, and also that even though they see me around campus with piles of girls, its just cause I'm
INSECURE, and if the HOT BABE10 and I were to hookup, she could TAME me, because really I'm just sensitive on the inside, even though I'm this total money guy on the outside.. also its a SECRET, and divulging secrets gives alot of rapport)

TYLER: yeah.. its like, imagine if we were in a room together.. for like 6 months.. and we got to know eachother.. and you know, we had all those fights, like where we find out each others boundaries.. and we totally just got to know eachther.. and we got past that stuff.. and we were like best friends.. you know..

HOT BABE: yeah.. (DDB)

TYLER: yeah.. that's how I want us to feel you know..

HOT BABE: yeah...

TYLER: yeah its so cool that you guys are like so adventurous.. I could totally hang with you guys..

HOT BABE: yeah we have to.. no matter what.

TYLER: yeah, you guys are kinda wild I think..

HOT BABE: yeah (so***** the topics adventurous fantasies came up.. beaches came up, and I told her about the secret beach I knew about..) OMG, that sounds so amazing.. OMG you HAVE to promise to take me there this summer..

TYLER: definetely.. you're my new girlfriend, so I'll have to take you somewhere I guess..

HOT BABE: yeah..

TYLER: I love how sexy you guys are.. you guys have this adventurous thing about you.. I love adventurous girls.. I really love girls with peircings.. my old GF had a belly button ring, and is was SO SEXY (now here I'd SEEN her showing it off to her friend, as a new piercing, earlier before I'd initiated the game, so I KNOW she'll be proud of it.. again, helping her to qualify herself to me)

HOT BABES: look at this...

TYLER: OMG.. that is so sexy.. you guys are so sexy.. blah blah..


OK I can't remember how it all went after this.. Point is that the two of us are together now.. There is ALOT missing from this game, as it was like 2 hours or something.. shitloads of tight material.


-nonneedy bodylanguage

-full confidence, ability to prevent them from causing our convo from turning boring

-false time constraint to disarm me sitting with them

-neutral opinion opener

-immediate teasing, C&F ballbusting

-qualifying them

-constant "I love you" to keep them in state

-creating C&F frames where we do stuff together (bring them to roomates house so that they can defend me)

-more and more C&F ballbusting to break through HOT BABE10s shield

-many stories that OBLIQUELY convey value about me

-passing shit tests by acknowledging all accusations and misinterpreting as compliments

-going rapport-mode

-finding COMMONALITY, demonstrating that we have the same MODEL and view of
the world

-constantly FINDING ways to HELP the chick to qualify herself to me

-framing OUR WORLD, where ONLY in OUR WORLD is she good enough to be treated nicely, or acknowledged as smart, or can she be adventurous

-constant C&F time distortions about us being together in future times

There is a shitload missing from this game.. The FR is written off the top of my head, and alot of the sequencing is wrong and alot of the best stuff didn't get put in due to the fact that I can't remember it. It's a shame that I didn't get it on tape recorder though, because I really upped my game for this HOT BABE10.

Tyler Durden

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