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Foreplay Tips For Men

Author: Gabrielle Moore

So, you want to take the initiative this time and want to surprise your girlfriend /wife / lover with your foreplay skills. But then again, you realize that foreplay hasn’t been your ‘thing’ lately and you’re not sure what to do…

Well, lucky you! I’ve compiled these hot foreplay tips you can use ASAP so that you can have her breathing hard and lusting for your touch tonight!

Hot Tips for Sexual Foreplay

Sometimes, foreplay can be a disaster if you don’t know what you’re doing. For instance, you may have seen movies where he ‘tweaks’ her nipples… HARD. Well guys, you know what? That HURTS and you’re not really arousing her that way. So to guide your naughty thoughts, take heed of my foreplay tips below!

Don’t forget her neck. Often, guys think of foreplay as ‘kissing’ and making love as ‘having sex’. Sorry guys, that’s way too simple for us girls. So during foreplay, don’t just kiss her thoroughly, pay attention too to other female body parts such as her neck, arms, legs, and even her feet. Alternate between kissing, licking and nibbling these areas and she’ll be putty in your hands in no time.

Mentally ‘sex her up’. It’s a fact. Guys go for visual stuff while women like to be mentally put ‘in the mood’. So if you’re planning for some hot sex tonight, start foreplay early during the day so she’s already in the mood by the time you reach for her at home.

For example, if you guys are standing on line for something, get close to her and whisper something REALLY DIRRRTY into her ear! Important: paint her a picture in her head. So don’t just say “I’m going to fuck you tonight”. Instead, say “You know babe, I’m horny now so when we get back home, I will lick your clit so good that…” I think you get my drift by now…

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Dry hump her. In its most generic sense, foreplay is all about ‘increasing the sexual tension’ so that you and your partner are uber-primed for the sexual act itself. Well, what’s more arousing than imitating intercourse movements (humping) than doing it with clothes on! Preferably, do this in a public place or in a club. Basically, do it where you cannot proceed to doing intercourse. This way, you guys will be h-h-hot for sex later!

Slow dance… while butt-naked. Ok, this time foreplay without clothes! You can just be half-dressed or completely naked for this one. Put on some slow and/or lusty music, dim the lights, light some candles, take some or all of your clothes off and start swaying to the music. Remember that the trick here is to dance close to her body so that she can feel your erection against her. Hot!

Go ‘under the table’. I just love sharing experiences from subscribers and here’s another one. One time, while Jill (subscriber name changed for privacy) and her husband were having dinner, they were getting a bit naughty and started to ‘play footsie’ under the table. This then proceeded to her fully extending her leg and with her foot, she started playing with his penis through his pants. What happened next shocked her…

Without warning, he went under the table, spread her legs, pulled down her shorts and tongued her! Jill swears the foreplay and the suddenness of his moves was the hottest sex and the best orgasm she ever had!

Try this one tonight and don’t worry if she’s wearing pants. Just rub your face against her mound and it will turn her so horny SHE will start to bring her pants down.

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Tease her till the very end. No, the fact that she has her clothes off does NOT mean it’s intercourse time. You can extend foreplay to the very end and bring her to delirious lust by using the head of your penis to tease her throbbing vagina. Just rub your the point of your manhood all over her vagina – especially her clit – and trust me, she’ll go wild with passion!

I hope you thoroughly enjoy these foreplay tips! Just remember to vary your ‘foreplay moves’. Otherwise, everything becomes routine again! So for example, tonight, tease her from head to toe with your kissing, licking and nibbling and then next time, just go directly to her clit and lick away. This way, you’re Mr. Surprise and foreplay and sex with you is the best experience she’ll ever have.


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Gabrielle Moore

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