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Sexual Massage Techniques

Author: Gabrielle Moore

A sexual massage is just something I LOVE to receive from my partner. It always relaxes my body and my mind, and never fails to stir my center till I’m all wet and ready to have mind-blowing sex!

I’m sure you want your woman to feel this too so I’m going to give you some basic sexual massage moves you can do tonight. Ready?

How to Give Your Woman a Sexual Massage

In addition to ensuring that you have the right environment (i.e., a quiet room, a well-laid out bed or place on the floor, etc.) and equipment (e.g. scented candles, massage oils, etc.), consider making use of fabric or items made of silk, satin and velvet as well. All these different textures can help bring about different reactions from her. If you don’t have them, don’t worry. Nothing can beat the best part of this sexual massage session: you.

Firstly, ask your woman to undress (or better yet, undress her). Another tip here to ensure good hygiene is to give her a warm bath first. Either way, once she’s nude, have her lie face down on the area you prepared for the massage. While she has her back to you, undress as well.

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Use your hot breath.

Make sure your body and hands are not cold and then lie on top of her (you facing the back of her head). Support your weight on your arms (don’t crush her!). This move does three things: it signals the start of the sexual massage by applying pressure on her whole body; it helps to warm her body and prepare it for the massage; and it starts to introduce sexual thoughts into her head because she can feel your penis between her thighs.

Now don’t get carried away here and start sex. Proceed with the sexual massage and you will be rewarded as the sexual tension builds up!

Now, start to breath on her neck and her back. Your hot breath should stimulate her sensitive skin.

Use your fingertips.
Now, pull yourself up and straddle her thighs (your penis resting between the backs of her legs), put some warm oil on your hands and start to massage her back with just your fingertips. Alternate your strokes. Apply hard, pressured ones with light touches. 

Palm circling.
Progress from using your fingers to ‘palm circling’, which is basically massaging her back by applying the whole width of your hand. This is a firmer technique that helps her body really relax. As a general rule, never massage her on the bones. Place the palms of both your hands on her back and move them in circles, firmly outward and away from her spine.

Scoot yourself lover down her body. You buttocks should be by her feet now. Now reach to the top of her shoulders and start doing the palm circling massage… but this time, glide down to her ass and start massaging there too. After a few strokes, you can be naughtier with this one.

Reach to the top of her shoulders again but this time, keep your head low so that your face is right in front of her ass. (Like kneeling and bowing to someone.) You can do the palm circling again while breathing hot and heavy against her ass.

A slight – and naughtier variation – would be to lick her ass instead of breathing your hot breathe on it WHILE palm circling her back. (Hey, don’t forget the massage part even while you’re busy sexually arousing her.)

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Go back to straddling her thighs, sitting up now, and use your thumbs to massage her lower back. You should make short, rapid, alternate strokes with each thumb, moving up and across her ass toward her waist. Continue up the right-hand side of her body all the way to the shoulders. Repeat this on the left side of her body and finish off by going back and concentrating again on her lower back (just above her butt).

Now for the sexual part… continue to thumb massage her while your hands move slowly down her butt. Part her crack and start to thumb massage her anus. She will try to squirm here but be firm! If she can take it, alternate between this massage and breathing your hot breathe on her anus.

Repeat all these back massages as long as you want! Just remember to oil up often as the warm oil and the gliding effect of your skin on hers does a lot of sexual magic.

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Gabrielle Moore

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