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Ok, And Who Cares?

Author: Giuseppe Notte

So, you've decided to change yourself for the better. You've read countless dating advice books, and you've tried numerous techniques and "magic bullets" to become more successful with women. Now, upon meeting a girl, you carefully watch her reactions to every word you say. You calibrate your "game" to how she behaves, and every muscle of your body homes in on seducing that girl.

My friend, this is BULLSHIT - in all caps. You know what separates successful guys from chumps who are never successful with women? Attitude. The attitude of: "Who cares?"

You've no doubt had times in your life when you worked hard to learn a certain ability or skill. You had small successes, but the "big breakthrough" seemed far away and unreachable. Then at some point, you got fed up with your failures, decided "not to give a SHIT" and went on with your life with an attitude of "Who cares?" Suddenly, within a few weeks or months, you found yourself reaching your desired goal.

With me, the same thing happened when I started learning how to attract women. For months and years of my life, I piled up failure after failure. Then when I was really scraping the bottom, I decided to throw everything out the window. I just went on with my life and started doing what I wanted to do. Then suddenly, I found that I had more and more women around who were into me, and I found myself achieving the success I'd always desired.

You know what most people are looking for? They aren't looking for a bigger car, a hotter girlfriend or more power. Deep inside, they're looking for MORE FREEDOM - they just don't know it yet. Freedom means not being influenced by your external circumstances - when shit happens, you shake yourself off and move on with a "who cares?" attitude ... because shit always happens, but FREEDOM is something no one can take away from you.

Take the nerd and the player. Both are dependent on women: The nerd is unhappy because he's alone; the player needs the constant validation he gets from girls who are into him.

Then there's the guy who's FREE. He's learned to live the life he enjoys; thus, he's happy whether he's alone or with a girl. Let's say our guy meets a hot girl, and instead of working to please her, he simply gives what he is (himself). If she likes it, she can take it and be a part of his life. If she doesn't like it, she can move on - it's her decision. But still, our guy is FREE and thus, he is happy - whatever she decides. He isn't influenced by her decision.

Whether you admit it or not, it's widely known that it's the girl who chooses. She can reject you when you approach her; she can reject you when you go in for a kiss; she can reject you when you're about to have sex. The only thing you can control is YOUR OWN REACTION. You can react with anger - you can react with fear (how am I ever going to find another girl like her?) - or you can simply react with: Who cares?

Now I'll let you in on the "secret of the ages ;)": There is nothing more attractive to a woman than a man who is FREE. A man who does what pleases him, a man who goes after what he wants and lives out his deepest desires and the life he craves. Such a man might not be able to bed 100 percent of the women out there, but he will always have a lot of girls around him - coming back for more.

Finally, a word of warning: "Who cares?" is not about carelessness and depression. It's possible to reach a state in your life when you stop caring about anything - but that's simply self-destructive.

What I'm talking about is real FREEDOM. And freedom can only come when you learn to control your emotions and walk on the road of happiness and self-discovery - which is a journey toward living an authentic life and being your own man - a Real Man - the Real YOU.

If you are looking for a helping hand, I suggest you check out my e-book, All About Women. It will teach you how to get from saying "Hi!" to having sex, but it will also guide you on your journey to be FREE - to find what really works for you and to find balance in your life - and with women as well. Click here!

Giuseppe Notte

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