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A Wonderful Idea To Spice Up Your Existing Relationships

Author: Giuseppe Notte

There is a cool little game for spicing up your long-term or fuck-buddy relationships.

Here's how you play:

        Both you and your girlfriend get 20 pieces of paper and make 20 different cards. Each card has one idea on it: You write down things you would like her to do, and she does the same with stuff she wants you to do.

        There are three categories of cards: sex, romance and adventure. (If you are doing this with a fuck-buddy, drop the latter two.) Each card is two-sided. On the outside is the name of the category. On the inside is what you would like the other person to do. It should look something like this:

Outside: Sex
Inside: Sex in the elevator

        Both of you make 10 sex cards and agree on how you want to split up the romance and adventure cards among the other 10. When you're finished, the fun begins.

        Each week, one of you chooses from the cards of the other person. The cards are put into a container, and you draw a random card. After drawing, you don't look inside right away. You see what category the card is in (sex, romance, adventure), and decide whether to keep it or not. If you choose to keep it, you have to fulfill whatever is written on the inside of the card. If you decide not to keep it, pick another card till you draw a card from a different category. Put the sex cards that you don't use back with the other cards.

        After a card is drawn, it's out of the game. The one-week period between draws can be shortened or extended. Before making the cards, agree with your partner on some rules. For example, she shouldn't expect you to take her on a vacation to Thailand, and you shouldn't expect her to jog down the street naked.

Here are a few examples for each category:


  • Sex in the elevator.
  • Sex in the dressing room.
  • Sex in your car or at a public place.
  • Phone sex from two public phones on the street.
  • She has to come with you to the shopping mall wearing no bra or panties under her clothes.
  • She has to swallow your cum when doing oral.
  • She has to submit to being tied to the bed,
  • You buy her some extreme lingerie that she has to wear five times of your choosing.
  • She has to let you go anal with her.
  • She has to pick you up in the car wearing only her coat with nothing underneath.
  • You make a home video together.


  • A candlelight dinner with your lover in a restaurant of her choosing (you pay).
  • A romantic evening at the opera.
  • A visit to the theater.
  • A picnic in the part or in the nearby woods.
  • A visit to an aquarium or a dolphinarium.
  • You rent a four-star hotel room in your city for the weekend (as long as your financial situation allows it).
  • You spend a long weekend in the country while visiting some monuments, covered bridges and so on.


  • Go-kart racing.
  • Bungee jumping
  • Jet-Skiing at a local lake.
  • Parachuting.
  • Go rock climbing together.
  • Ride the biggest roller coaster at the amusement park.
  • Swimming at a water park.

Note: I hope I don't have to say that you should only do most of these in a longer-term relationship, in which your partner trusts you totally! The only exception is a fuck-buddy relationship, in which case it depends on the girl and how adventurous she is.

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Giuseppe Notte

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