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How To Make Your Dates Effective And Unforgettable

Author: Giuseppe Notte

You're on your first date with a girl you have a crush on. Your palms are sweaty, and you're trying damn hard to come up with something funny to say, only to lapse into long silences in your conversation. She stands up after an hour and says, “Sorry, but it's getting late. I have to go home to feed my dog.” Before you can say something, she's already gone.

        I'm sure the above situation has happened in your worst nightmares. The most crucial part of your interactions with women and the key to your success is the first date. If you do it well, it will be easy to get down and dirty quickly.

        Most guys do something boring on the first date. Going to a movie, sitting in a cafe, having an expensive dinner at a restaurant — the list is endless. It's easy to use this to your advantage, though: By using a little imagination, you'll be way ahead of the crowd.

Here's how:

        When I go out with a woman, I take her on an adventure date. This word has multiple meanings, as you will see. We do something exciting and romantic at the same time. Something that brings us as close as we can possibly get on a first date.

Let's look at an example:

        A friend of mine takes his girls on an exciting outing. They visit one of the local sightseeing locations and end up at an abandoned ruin of a castle. By then it's usually getting dark — don't worry, though, my friend is there to hug and protect our just-a-little-bit frightened girl. :)

Another example:

        We have a hill in my city with a castle and some monuments on the top. There is a tunnel crossing the hill. The tunnel ends at a bridge that is illuminated at night, creating a wonderful view.

        Usually, I take my date on a short walk among the monuments. As it gets dark, we go on a tiny road down the hill that leads us to a place that only a few people know about: the top of the tunnel. And below us is the entire city — a wonderful and romantic sight. This is the point where I usually go in for the first kiss.

Don't think that you need special places or monuments for adventure dates. You can even do them indoors:

        When the weather doesn't allow going outside, I bring my date to the local shopping mall. We sit in a cafe and talk a bit. Then I stand up and invite her for a walk around. We visit a few stores while shopping for some clothes for me. Then we go bowling or go to the local bookstore, where we have fun laughing at the various love and sex advice books together.

        The above are just examples. It's easy to come up with your own ideas. All you need is a little imagination and a little knowledge of your city. Check out a local city guide paper for some examples or ask a friend who knows.

        The key to successful adventure dates is not in the adventure itself, but in sharing activities with the girl. If you sit in a cafe and stay there for four hours, it will be nothing more than a conventional date. But if you sit in a cafe, then visit other places together as well, she will lose her sense of time and feel as if you've known each other for a while. In that state, it's much easier to go in for the first kiss and even more.

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Giuseppe Notte

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