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You Can Get The Kinds Of Women You've Always Wanted

Author: Giuseppe Notte

 Guys who have less self-confidence when it comes to women like to think that they don't “deserve” to get the kinds of women they really want. Well, if you belong to this group, I have good news for you. Just keep reading!

        I usually put women into three categories: In the first, there are ugly or average-looking girls. In the second category, there are girls with “supermodel” looks. And I labeled the third category, girls you really like. The first needs no explanation. The second changes with the times and with fashion: Currently, it's girls who are 180cm tall, who weigh 50kg and who mostly have blonde hair and a certain type of face. When we talk about “hot girls,” we like to talk about girls in this category. But what about the third category?

        Have you noticed that there are certain women you have “a thing” for? These girls don't resemble the supermodels — at least not 100%. They are taller or shorter. They might have bigger noses or thinner lips. They might not have the biggest boobs. But there is one thing they have in common: You have a “fetish” for these girls. It could be some little thing or feature of their body that attracts you like a magnet.

        Let's use my case as an example. I love shorter (but slim) girls who have a very fragile body types. Are these girls as tall as the current trend in supermodels dictates? No. I also love girls with exotic faces or certain exotic facial features. Do these girls have the typical baby face as supermodels should? No. Do I still like these girls? Absolutely! If I'm with a girl like this, am I getting the kind of woman I want? Of course!

        I'll share a secret you'll enjoy: Oftentimes, these unique types of girls you find attractive will find your type attractive as well! When I was younger and less successful with women, I noticed signs of interest from the same girls I had a thing for. Later, I realized that it was somehow arranged to be this way: I respond to their looks, and they respond to mine. As I talked about this with many guys since then, I began to realize that I was not alone: Most guys experience this phenomenon! I don't know if there's a logical reason behind it, but that's not important. What matters is that you can attract the kinds of women you have a thing for damn easily!

        I don't say you should restrain yourself from going for supermodels. But don't let the trends dictate which kinds of girls you should date and which kinds you shouldn't. In the third category are the types of women who can give you a lot of joy and happiness.

Finally, if you want to know how to seduce the kinds of women you want, there's an e-book I've written that's designed to do that and more. It's called All About Women: The Encyclopedia Of Seduction. In my book, I cover each step of the seduction process, from understanding the way women think, to learning to be a Man who attracts girls with his presence, to approaching women the right way, to secrets of making your dates successful and effective, to improving your sex life and much more… Whether you're ugly, bald, young, old or broke, the techniques I teach will work for you like a charm!

Giuseppe Notte

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