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Gunwitch - Well Known For "Gunwitch Method"

Gunwitch is a powerful no-BS pickup artist. He's articulate, direct, to the point, and he focuses on masculinity and on creating a more primal sexual connection with a girl. Gunwitch uses the very basics of male-female attraction, rather than fools around with new age theories. Apparently, the hundreds of men that he coached will attest to the fact that this all pays off big time. Check out his audio course where helays out his famous Gunwitch Method that is way easier to absorb than his famous written essays.

Social Conditioning

Gunwitch - I just got you realizing how these things you might be conditioned with are negatively impacting your sex life.

Pick Up Artist Mindsets

Gunwitch - I was talking to an old friend earlier and he asked what I was doing at the moment and all so I explained I now teach guys how to get laid.

Top 3 Basics Of The Game

Gunwitch - A lot of guys say "man this stuff is just to overwhelming, there are too many methods, and all of them have this and that to say about this and that"

Not Going Out Enough And Congruence

Gunwitch - an article on a time when I got rusty and had some problems picking up in the club.

Why You May Not Be Getting Laid

Gunwitch - There are many internal reasons I have found lately that a guy may not be getting the sex life he wants...


Gunwitch - There are 3 points in any given pick up that you will sometimes, not always, but usually have to have a great deal of persistence to get past. Not always, hence the "luck factor" of many PUs.

Pro PUAs Vs Amateurs

Gunwitch - some new stuff about the difference between the pros and the amateurs in this game...

Gunwitch Method

NightVision - Gunwitch's big thing is Sexual State and his methods as well as his audio course offer a different perspective to the mainstream seduction community. As such his method complements it very well. His motto is "Get Laid, Not Liked"...

Verbal Method

Gunwitch - I think this is the last bastion of things i dont understand about how i get the high ratio of approach to fuck closes that spawned the entire gunwitch method.

Gunwitch Method Two: Inference Vs Induction

Gunwitch - I suppose the first and best place to start is always with what YOU want out of this manual. At its absolute core what you are about to read is about getting more sex. Well, more appropriate, being the man you need to be to bed the women you want.

Attraction From Square One

Gunwitch - I am gonna go in to some super deep psychology stuff no one has ever heard about, who hasn't studied it, so read carefully. .

Pick Up Club Tactics (Gunwitch Method Club)

Gunwitch - This one is a bit, well a lot, long, but well worth the read for bar and club oriented users of my methods.

Gunwitch Method Four

Gunwitch - The ultimate game is a combination of...

Gunwitch Method Troubleshooting

Gunwitch - Ok if youve been trying my method out and it doesnt work for ya, or if you just like a quick supplemental checklist to go through while being verbally abused a bit try running down this.

Gunwitch Method Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Gunwitch - Frequently asked questions and answers relating to the popular Gunwitch Method.