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Attraction From Square One

Author: Gunwitch

Gun here from Way of Gun with an article on base female to male attraction stuff.

I am gonna go in to some super deep psychology stuff no one has ever heard about, who hasn't studied it, so read carefully.

Ok we all know at some base level people are attracted to each other based on their body, face, hair, build or their overall looks.

That's the simple first fact of it. Simple absolute truth.

In this game, in this community however, our goal is of course to use that thing between her ears to get her attracted, regardless of having ideal overall looks for her ideal.

What I will explain here is how to get her brain working in the proper directions, so she will when be influenced in her choices about you.

When I studied everything from neurology to biological psychology to physiological psychology, I always had an eye on that exact mechanism. The "choice mechanism", I asked, what was it, how could I work in to it and influence» it?

I never imagined I would even have a debate with someone in my life who did not work at it from this angle. Never imagined this because the use of "changing someone's choices", for influence» in any area, is of course NEED ONE.

Any practitioner of influence» who doesn't understand this and exactly how it works has no hope of ever understanding their game fully.

So what is the first and foremost understanding one needs to have in interpersonal influence»?

Between a man and a woman?

Psychology 101 here so don't write it off, and if you are a woman. Unless you have attended a university and studied the stuff don't tell me I am wrong, out of ego:

Sex is an act of submission for a woman, to an overall dominance of her being.

To be penetrated, to take in, to be filled up with someone else is an act of submission. This is not to say women do not enjoy the act, they in fact love it, but it is hard wired in the DNA of heterosexual women that this submission is the ultimate in sexual pleasure.

If anyone knows their psychology already and wants the "gattaca" dna breakdown and consequence from the chemical reactions behind it on male vs female neurons look it up yourself. Or if enough ask for it I will draw it up and get it online.

Of course looks can come in to play and cause a biological attraction to the guy which fosters this, but does not make it happen by itself.

We won't concern ourselves with that element of it however. Everyone who knows anything knows to look their socially acceptable best for the mating game already. Anyone who knows anything also knows good looking guys mess up their attraction game just as bad if not worse than others at times.

Without going in to all the exact science and filling up 30 pages, just know that women take in, men put in. Not in some little kid fashion, but hard wired in the resulting DNA from the x and y chromosomes.

We cannot however just walk up and put our penis inside of her to achieve this.

We need dominant behaviors to trigger this inside her mind that will result in her feeling submissive.

First what is "dominant" to her "submissive" nature?

As you look at the below traits listed, think of how women possessing them have a harder time with men in general, how they repulse us, or in the guy with no game, even scare him away.

Quick list of traits:

Being masculine.

Being looked up to by others.

Being of more social intelligence than others.

Being able to let loose and not hold back/confidence in actions.

Having a stronger persona than her.

Having a more powerful positive state than her.

Lots more...

Now I don't want this to get TOO long so I will list some behavior and situations you can get examples of that are these things:

Oldie but a goody, not supplicating. An instant screwed up frame is established when you kiss ass of course.

You are having a conversation with her and she says she doesn't like something that you say you like, saying "well you don't know anything about it woman!" tongue in cheek is dominant without being a dick. While on the other hand saying "come to think of it yeah it is stupid" breaks frame.

Something I like to do at bars and clubs and parties is have a stronger party vibe than everyone else. An "UP" state which inside of I will:

Walk up to a chick and put up my fists as if to fight and when she puts hers up play fight super light with her until she turns her back to me from me fake slapping at her.

I will literally walk up and pick up a chick. On my shoulder and carry her away.

If a chick does the "ahhhh scream and run away" thing mid conversation I will chase after her and grab her around the waist and pick her up.

If a chick busts my balls about something, maybe makes a joke at me, I will put her in a light headlock.

If you are reading these saying "I ain't like that though that's what other guys do with their girlfriends" you are dead on right. That's why they are some other guys girlfriend, not yours.

Other things I will do is if in a deep conversation with a chick and she is talking a lot and offering a lot more insight in to the topic, I will change the subject to something I am more well versed in and not act phased by her insights.

I frame women and other men as a student and me as the teacher in conversations. I ain't a rude and interrupting guy, and I don't talk down to people. But I also tell people how it is, I don't go "uhmmm maybe you should think about getting rid of that car if you can". I say "get rid a that car that sounds like a piece of junk".

Dedication to what you say. Not "approval hopefully for saying this" is the key.

Old one here in this community but I don't look away first when eyes lock with mine, chicks or guys. I make sure they look away first.

Another old one, I don't speak super fast, I come off like people actually want to hear what I have to say and will wait. I naturally talk fast so have to work at this one sometimes.

I see myself as masculine, a man, not a boy, and project that to people.

I will tickle you, I will tickle her, someone tickles me I don't giggle, they do.

I don't always feel the need to answer everything everyone says to me. Someone says something trivial like "this is a cool song" that I just put on the radio I don't go in to a novel about how I like it.

I pick up words. Phrases I like and words other people don't use, I use em, and talk how I want to talk, I don't hold back for fear of "seeming weird".

Lots of things like this, that you can easily realize by looking for dominance(not MEAN but MORE based dominance).

Now these alone will not achieve attraction fully.

At this point she simply has submitted to your frame and is now admiring you, attracted to you as a persona.

You will start to then notice her do opposite behaviors things like:

Never giving you eye contact for more than a few seconds with a certain look in here eye you have to know to know.

Running off and looking back at you playfully.

Play fighting with you and losing rather easy.

Jumping on your back to get a piggy back ride.

Jumping on your front and wrapping her legs around you.

Trying to make you tickle her.

Asking your opinion on things in the conversation.

Things to suck you in to the mating ritual, naturally start to come out of her.

At this point you simply need to go sexual state on her fully:

Project the sexuality through your tone of voice.

Touch her more sensually/slower and longer strokes.

Get closer and closer to her.

Give her deep sensual eye contact.

She will at this point:

1. At a neurological level she will see you as a lover, because you are taking the actions of a lover. This works a lot like "anchors" of the Pavolvian sense (CS), but more modern HUMAN biological psychology instead. Different areas of the brain process this than sense (visual, auditory, kinosethetic) based anchors, and she feels a sense of similarity with you as a lover from her awareness of other people. This also works in other terms like the (UCS)in that she feels she SHOULD act on it because she HAS in the past.

2. She will follow your sexual state because of the dominance set in before. She begins to herself slide in to the sexual state as part of her overall attraction to you, and hence becomes biologically attracted as well.

3. No science here on this point, but I suspect from all I know it is, she once going sexual also begins to wonder "why" she is attracted, and attributes good qualities to you. Like "fractionating" theory. Basically she says if she is in to looks and knows it: "oh it must be because he has strong arms", if she is in to money and knows it: "this guy is so smart he has a lot of potential" even though you may be fat and broke. As she does not 100% KNOW you are attracted, as you have not told her you are, yet SHE is becoming attracted she will come up with her own reasons/excuses if you are not her "classic type".

Put all 3 together, or AT LEAST the first two from biological fact, you have attraction achieved that you can easily close her based on, the sooner the better.

Make sure to visit Way of Gun for way more updated and detailed attraction game materials, and get my audio course.


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