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Gunwitch Method Four

Author: Gunwitch

The ultimate game is a combination of:

  • Stringing a series of little fun con games, she follows along with, together to make a good time she LIKES being dominated by.

  • You being congruent with someone she would fuck at a mental level in her mind.


    Overcoming her social conditioning against being the sexual animal she is naturally. By using persistent sexual state projection that she does not break no matter what amount of her social conditioning she throws at ya verbally/shit tests etc.

  • And not looking visually (how you dress and come off style wise) like a dork or a geek, as human beings process 75%, give or take, of the world with their eyes.

Can get by with any one of the above 3 by itself and some effort.

Standing alone though, you have a third the success of if ya include the others.

That's GWM4, too short for ya?

Read it 10 times and really think and analyze what you actually do, about where you aren't being those things I said above, you will see every failed attempt at a lay you ever had.

See when the woman perceived you without the above problems on accident. You will see the lays you did get.

As far as the little con games I will explain a little bit more. I started calling them that recently amongst my circle of dudes, others may not get that though so it may cause some confusion.

I am talking about doing things such as my "loser dancer" method for getting AI.

As soon as ya walk in the club scan the place looking for the most stand out hottest chick in there. Maybe not YOUR 10, but socially the most noticable, like 5'10'' wearing a total slut outfit with big fake tits and bleech blonde hair. The one the other women are intimidated by.

Walk straight at her and say "excuse me can you help me out, my buddy over there bet me you wouldn't dance with me no matter what" very AFC frame and congruent with it.

She will take ya to the dance floor, from there you can get good eye contact based AI and such from other women, who have no idea what you just pulled, and have an easy time opening them later.

OR with my "get super chick" specialty con, ya get her thinking she is conning your buddies for drinks cause they are losers and said she looked like a bitch. Explain to them quickly that they gotta buy her drinks and you pay em back, before ya wave her over, and ya got her sitting there drinking at your table and can run game on her from there, without her thinking you are a loser buying her drinks.


You approach a chick with a goal of blatant obscene KINO.

How do ya do it?

Well first the place can't be SUPER loud so as ya can't even talk of course, then chop chop method from gwm3 is the only option.

Find a chick watching the dance floor,

Walk up and say, as ya both look at the dance floor

"it's funny how they all watch each others feet and look at other people to see if what they are doing is "right" hehheh"

She will say little.

You say "no one knows how to dance the right way"

She will most often times say "what do you mean?" "how do you dance the right way?" etc if she doesn't no worries, launch in to the following anyway:

You say "check this out it's pretty cool, I learned this from a deaf girl actually"

"most people see themselves dancing and how it would look" Instead you have to shut off what you see, and focus on the rythm first and taking it in your body and moving with it, then feel the beat hammer your body and start to let that out"

"check it out, try it, closer your eyes" Get behind her and start guiding her movements and dancing with her, without ever going "derrrrrr ya wanna dance" and getting the knee jerk "thanks for the dance" walk away thing after ya finish.

My most common 'routine' of sorts. I actually do it without the kino aspect to teach guys or girls who say they don't know how to dance how to dance naturally pretty fast also. Is actually how ya dance properly (plus a little common sense).

Or other more simples ones like getting them to agree something is dorky, that is also something about them they think you can't see.

Such as you are both busting on passerbys, she is coming off kind of hip hop chick. You go "and look at this dork over here, he is such a poser some kind of wanna be eminem, and the girl hes with thinks shes black or somethin". Instant frame buster as she agrees with you and goes along with it.

After all your "us against them" joking around, she is now outside the little comfort shell the two of you had going. Gotta calibrate of course, if she is too shy and this is the only rapport going between you, this will ruin it.

For wild party chicks though it gets em seeking validation from you pretty hard. Makes em back in to the girl in high school with a crush on the guy who wasn't like her etc.

Ones like that I have written about before elsewhere are ways of stringing together little con jobs that create dynamic conversation, good logistics, pre approach material etc.

Can always wing this sort of stuff if ya just get your brain analyzing the situation not "3 second ruling it".

Running around opening everything in sight is fine for a beginner, but as time goes on, to improve, ya gotta start saying "ok who is she, and where is she at, and where am I gonna take her" physically and state wise.

Without the other points in place however these sort of con job games only go so far and are met with varied resistance based on your congruency with the other stuff (style and way ya carry yourself, persistent sexual state that isn't rattled etc).

Other OLD OLD stand bys that aren't mine (but actually From Ross) are venue changing/insta dates. Oldest trick in the book, get a yes to something simpler, before you get a yes to the bigger picture.

Get her sitting someplace nearby with you, then get her to go someplace else with you, and by the time you ask her to get totally alone with you, you got her in a yes string.

The rest of the shit I have covered so fuckin much you'll all who weren't here have to do a search for it.

No sexual state isn't being a pervert and no "make the ho say no" doesn't mean to actually seek to be told no. The differences between GWM and GM are VAST also.

There is so much deeper shit behind it I suppose this isn't the last post some of you will ever need.

For some though who do get it, these 3 or perhaps 4 things are a good place to analyze in field game from and make sure they are tight.

And remember "make the ho say no".


Get laid not liked! Way of Gun audio course .

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