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Gunwitch Method Troubleshooting

Author: Gunwitch

Ok if youve been trying my method out and it doesnt work for ya, or if you just like a quick supplemental checklist to go through while being verbally abused a bit try running down this. Its by no means a RTFM test, but it is a RTFGWM test, i do all these things right always and get a good 85% of women i approach in the sack, so give it a shot. So if you dont agree with anything on it fuck off with any comments as its not a universal its what i do, and those who aspire to be like me with women will do.

Have you been:

Not approaching women at all? Get goin asshole.

Thinking looks dont matter? Lose that extra 75lbs you living oven mit!

Not realizing women wanna fuck A LOT? Hey we got em for a reason stop thinking and start approaching.

Approaching groups? Stop it.

Doing all club PU? Try a department store or mall out.

Trying to be romance based verbally? Stop it.

Trying to "be a jerk" or cocky verbally? Knock it off dumbshit.

Trying to be "funny" verbally? No one likes a wise ass, knock it off.

Trying to make her have a good time? A GOOD time for chicks is a roll in the sack not a fuckin magic show/psychoanalysis, get with it, are you casanova or carrot top?

Do you focus far more on what you say than the dynamics between you and her or your own projection of state to her? Forget WHAT you say.

Do you have bad breath or not bother to smell good before going out to PU? Take a bath shithead.

Are you relaxed as you speak to her? Or have you not been doing enough approaching to get this relaxed condition yet? Get goin!

Do you not focus on your sexual state and conveying it to her. Quit jerkin off all the time, be sexual with women not your hand.

Do you touch her at common sense intuitive levels for the level of rapport at the moment? Do it!

Do you make good eye contact, sensual eye contact? Do it!

Do you speak Slowly and relaxed as you would to a lover? Do so!

Are you 3 feet away from her at all times or do you get closer as the rapport goes on to deeper levels? Get in closer to "get in" later.

Do you break her state on the approach by having a total different energy level/state than she does at the moment? What the fuck do you think youre doin!? Match her energy level.

Do you continue asking questions about her or volunteering information about yourself after the dynamic has moved past that already, regressing your rapport? Dont beat a dead horse you dont want around anyhow, move on to a better convo and rapport dynamic. Sounds complicated but its just simply not keeping that same dynamic going of initial butthair rapport and rather moving past it into "comfortable" mode, as you would talk with an ex, a current or even a friend, a total lack of "need to get to know each other" and an assumption of it instead with words. Then all "getting to know each other" is natural and non strained volunteering of info about each other.

Are you ejecting/getting a phone number/email ect at the first dead spot a conversation has? Rather than persisting to rapport? Quit being a pussy! She aint gonna beat ya up!

Are you attempting isolation without an IOI or SOI from her of sex first? Wait til you see SOME indicator.

Are you taking "maybes", "i dunno knows" and "i shouldnts" as NOs? Do you eject/get a number/email rather than persist to getting her alone? Quit being a pussy!

Are you getting mad, down or sad after the first rejection of sex from a makeout position in isolation and giving up totally? Rather than continuing things until she gets hot enough? Dont give up at the final hill soldier, just a little push and youre over.

Are you not approaching women at all? Needs repeating, get movin and youve got it.

And remember "make the ho say no".


Get laid not liked! Way of Gun audio course .

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