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Gunwitch Method Two

Author: Gunwitch

Essential guide of proper analysis and Internal dynamics

Well here we are again all.

I suppose the first and best place to start is always with what YOU want out of this manual. At its absolute core what you are about to read is about getting more sex. Well, more appropriate, being the man you need to be to bed the women you want.

You don't want that? You want something else? You maybe wanna live a lifestyle of glamour and glitz, maybe a life full of adoring people and worship from women? Sure that would be nice, but these writings are for a guy to get laid with at leisure, maybe to find a relationship. They certainly are not a way to change your LIFE, but a way to change YOU, so you can walk out your door and start to change your life. Sex with a hot woman in your bed is to blah and bland for you? You already get enough of that? Then this probably isn't for you, stop reading.

Right off I must say as well. This is gonna be rock bottom shit here. Don't bother reading ANY of this if you won't:

A. give yourself 100% to the material, if you don't like ME or some aspect of my methods and this causes you to wanna argue against me then don't bother.

B. If you have what you want already the things I'm gonna ask you to do will be unreasonable, so don't bother. You've got an open mind and are at your end wanting a better sex life but just cant angle it right? Read on.

Most who read this will have read GWM1. So I don't feel I need to introduce myself or talk of the success or time in this field I've had. GWM1 was how I myself pick up and bed women. The incomplete nature of it wasn't on purpose, but merely because through the process I am going to show you here, I had become great with women, desirable to women. Problem was, I didn't know who I was inside that was doing what I was doing. I had just become him. I have gotten no better with women since writing GWM1, I have figured out more of who I am at an intellectual level, and remembered HOW I became him though. The questioning from others about GWM has made me figure out WHO I am inside and remember HOW I got there.

Gotta repeat this from GWM1: One last thing before the lessons begin. Don't mentally argue with this stuff. Whatever you think you know about seduction and women obviously isn't working for you else you wouldn't be staring at this screen at these little black letters in the first place right? SO take in what I say without sceptical critiques and try it out. Worst that can happen is you might just get laid, unlike what you know to be true about women and seduction is doing for you now.

"He who questions his teachings, only learns to ask questions"- ?

Obviously something isn't working in the online seduction community. Only A handful of guys have all the success they want with women. Case in point you are here, not with a woman of your choosing in bed. Not to assume no one is reading this for the hell of it, but many who read this will have read HUNDREDS or posts, dozens of e-books, asked a hundred questions in chat, met guys in real life from the community and maybe even been to seminars, yet usually at best can only get "attention" or company of women not sex at leisure. Surely maybe some of these guys now feel a "part of something" or have built a non seduction community social circle. Men are hanging around all over the place in boards and chats and going to seminars and buying e-books. Mediocre at BEST success of a sexual nature follows, for all but a few. More commonly a guys sexual appeal doesn't go up at all and/or he makes no efforts. In some cases the mans appeal and effort get WORSE.

You were programmed with sexually and socially negative things since birth. You found the seduction community and were told so. Those re-programming you however probably didn't consider or didn't realize the inner beliefs, the processing of the world they were about to replace in you, was no worse than what they were about to replace it with for your sex life. Socially and dignity wise you felt better with the new beliefs, but sex life wise, were still full of hit or miss thoughts and tricks and ideas.

I here in GWM2 will teach you how to deprogram yourself of all that shit. I will do so by showing you why it is "shit". I will be showing you this by appealing to your reason and logic and even showing you how to use reason and logic. Later I will by the same means I used reprogram you much as I did myself before finding amazing success.

Comprehension is a MUST for this to work. Skimming this will be useless. Read each lesson and then read it again, think on it and understand it for the words written, do not filter it through your own perceptions and models of things. Take everything at face value, Understand it and do not argue with it.

As I said you will not find tricks or techniques here, you will not find theory to analyze. You will not find a way of "spinning in to the room" in just the right way so everyone notices you.

Notice the last thing I said. Spinning in to a room just the right way so everyone notices you? Not a really important seeming statement is it?

Why its important though I will illustrate in this, your first tool for deprogramming yourself.

First there are 2 terms you must understand. More important understand the difference between them.

Inference: a logical conclusion from first facts or basic reasoning.

Induction: conclusion is drawn from reasoning based on particular instances. Aka modeling.

FIRST problem arises. Like I said don't argue if what you are doing isn't working, and I am gonna step on about 100,000 toes here but..... Modeling doesn't work! That's right it doesn't work in self help. Its SELF help, not becoming "like someone else" right off.

More on the above, models of engineering or material science can be improved upon or even re-created by the use of induction or modeling because they are tangible and FULLY understood. SO induction can be used as a logical process because the principles in question are right there and WORK, are understood too an atomic level and can be used to either study and create similar working models, or even improved upon by the particular instances already at work as a place to work from.

Seeing any metaphor? YOU aren't electrical current, you aren't a reactor, you aren't an engine. SHE isn't electrical current or a reactor or engine. SO you see, to take someone else's way of doing it and attempt to come to conclusions is itself a particular instance, as well as the target he uses it on is a particular instance. Bad news. This could be achieved and used to develop a PU model, IF all people weren't VERY different, if we understood every particle and atom and cell of these similar "drones" and as well their experiences all a crossed the board and how they interpreted them. See science just hasn't come that far and people daily become more distant from each other in similarity.

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