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Page 2 Gunwitch Method Two

Author: Gunwitch

Another problem arises. For a particular man, in particular instances with particular women success will begin to become VERY high. Its seen or even told about by him and then you try to model it. Now being we are so complex and not made of particular instances of like kind, how successful are you about to become doing what he does? Not very.

This can be argued against in the form of "all women think the same though". WRONG, this is where the point is proven. Certainly we have to agree that women do not all think the same as our psyche is shaped by experience and they do not all have the same experiences. Biologically yes and socially yes they can operate on pretty sound basic first facts, but their particular experiences will all be different! Not modeling but inference is again to be used.

Only following inference can be used until you have enough of your own particular instances and "niche markets" of women cornered to begin following induction to tighten it all up. Particular instance will be used to deduce her possible mental outcomes and frames at that point, For NOW we must focus on starting all over a new.

So what are we to do if we cannot use induction now. What are we to do with all the programming we have set in place that was concluded by particular instances of another person? What are we to "use"! Wont it take forever without SOME Tao or method? First of all it is taking forever right now, you are never gonna be ME, or any other guru success wise doing what WE do PU wise. You are on no path of improvement or ascending skills, YOU as you sit doing what you do, if you never did anything different or had a shift of thinking would always be you.

Second of all we are gonna build you a Tao, gonna build you a fuckin method. Not just a method though, not some once posted 5 times applauded 5 times flamed and abandoned by the poster himself writings. I'm talking we are gonna build you from the ground up in to a "GURU", the guru that is YOU, not you attempting to use someone else's particular instances in the spirit of the ugly cousin of inference that is induction.

You are gonna test your willpower. Because from this point on, you use NOTHING you do now in the field on purpose, and stop yourself from using anything you use out of habit when you catch it.

Some idea of how to spin in to a room just the right way Is GONE. Induction is gone for now. It will be used again later, but that's MUCH later. What you do is not getting you what you want. You will cease ALL of it.

I stopped using everything bit by bit. This was probably my FIRST step after rock bottom of not having the success I wanted with any "methods". My own or those of others. To be unable to abandon something harmful you have mentally collected, be it tactic technique or way of thinking that makes you feel powerful yet gives you nothing in return is a HUGE problem. You must in logical reasoning and using inference "start from zero". As starting there is the beginning of understanding truth. When a method doesn't work you aren't "not getting it", if you have read and comprehended it and attempted it, then it doesn't work. So tell the method, "step in my office, cause you're fuckin fired!".

You might be saying "fuck this I cant do that ill just go read some more about what to say or KINO or spinning in to clubs". If so re-read inference VS induction til you understand it is you don't, or quit arguing with it and accept it.

You SURELY are saying, "ok then what the fuck DO I DO!?"

We are gonna use inference here. Basic reasoning from first facts. Its well established we cannot read minds (though some greenPUA claim to nearly be able to, YOU cannot so forget their claims and marketing). We as well can't deduce this all to a science of cells and chemicals yet, and we cant simply model another's approach for the same results. SO we must go on basic first facts.

As a last note I do not want the following to seem as if I claim to be infallible in logic or first facts. Anyone who does claim so should be backed away from by you with one hand on your wallet.

I will now simply lay out an example of using inference as an analysis method in PU.

What is basic FIRST fact we are dealing with of WHO women fuck and who they don't?

Want you to exercise your reasoning of first facts here so don't read the answer til you think about it.

They fuck men they are attracted to and do not fuck men they are repulsed by. Obvious if you had read it right after the question I'm sure. Probably not so with the way you've been thinking lately though and the above space. You might have even said "funny guys" or "guys with confidence" or some other placebo inducing particular instance you've seen or thought once worked if the "matrix really has you" lol.

Ok so we know women fuck guys they are attracted to and do not fuck guys they are repulsed by. Don't think I'm insulting your intelligence here I am going someplace with this.

What is the next use of inference?

What are the basic first facts of what is and is not attractive?

What levels of attraction are there, and which must be met first and foremost?

What "repellants" must be avoided at all cost?

Here I will lay these out with first: biological, second social and then finally "conscious". Each will come with a no no-nonsense and basic of a tip to have the attractant or avoid that repulsor as is possible. We will not be using induction here, only basic first fact. We will also not be using miniscule doubts of the basic first facts. Some things may be regional (not that women in your home of Estonia want a confident man or other such assumptions) or very specific. Starting to see the logic behind this yet? Base facts of attraction used to get you success right away, and as a strong foundation to THEN uses induction on to "tighten up" rather than reverse engineering 2000 particular instances over 5 years?

Biological. First and easiest to get in to. What gets her juices down there flowing? Surely basic first fact is that a woman will have sex with a man she is turned on by if other factors permit or don't repulse. We will work from there.

Attractant: Lean body, surely the same as you first think of fucking a woman who is lean, she will first think of fucking a man who is lean as well. Fat guys ever get laid? Yeah of course. But this is basic first facts that a lean body is more attractive than a fat one, not absolute omnipotence of all possibility but BASIC first fact.

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