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Page 4 Gunwitch Method Two

Author: Gunwitch

FUCK WOMEN. Ok that's probably annoying to many of you who cant get laid. But WHO is it exactly you can't get laid by? These ego based desirable makeup and hair and mini skirts with the fitness bodies? Well a good way to go about "moving up" to them is to get a little momentum. As I said orgasm with a woman causes increased testosterone, increased testosterone is your "sun" (hold on its coming up), your "sun" is gonna be the thing all pivots around as far as attracting women, more testosterone the better. Not saying you've gotta fuck every fatty and toothless wonder you can find in an alley. But lower your standards a bit for right now ego wise. Go for what turns you on enough you would like to have it in your bed plowing it, not what it would look like on your arm.

See women for what they are, not what others see them as is next and last rule here to make the "sun". You need to figure out your "type" BAD. If you think big tits, blonde hair, ton of makeup in a mini skirt with perfect body. Well you aren't figuring out what you REALLY wanna fuck now are you. That may be exactly it the last one I described. Hell id love to fuck that right now myself. But not as much as "her". "Her" is my 10, my exact lust object, the thing I wanna grab by the hair and ram as hard as I can til we are both spent from exhaustion. Her is my ideal, her face will vary, her body will as well. Hair color a bit here and there too. But she is MINE, she isn't societies rule of what's attractive to me, she isn't what's forced down my throat by the TV or the homosexuals in Hollywood and fashion magazine rooms. She is MINE. THAT'S who I approach, that's who I fuck. You've got a list of crushes, think about them, Celebes, chicks in real life, doesn't matter. Think of them, were they stereotypes? NO they were YOURS. That right there, approaching them and only them once you are less green will complete your "sun". Til then fuck what you can get at all turned on by and approach any woman you'd even entertain fucking, your 10, societies 10, 6s and 7s whores and queens, for practice in this GWM2 thing. You'll know when that natural man is emerging, you will know when its time to ONLY approach your "hers" as a final capper.

Now we will build you "body"

The faulty, unnatural conditioning you have received from society and the seduction community can be deprogrammed, and should be as you use the inference vs. induction/modeling willpower stunt. Willpower should be in use by you to stop thoughts of deducted models of other people now as you read this and are challenged. Willpower will be used to rid yourself of all habits of thought that are faulty when recognized.

THEN they will be replaced by not only the basic first fact way of reasoning but the basic first facts you must understand of what it is to be a natural man in thought and inner core.

I will lay these out. Read them, understand them and take them on as basic first facts of your new inner beliefs. In these I digress from total perfect logic. These are ideals. This is the software here, it need not be perfect and completely accurate. These are your new "models" and ways of thinking. Maybe not all FACT, but they become fact by believing them.

These are:

#1: Women love sex. Unless biologically stunted in her privates or a lesbian she will love sex with men. Ahhh key is being a man, not a boy or feminine. The natural man knows this desire for sex is there and acts on it for mutual gratification. Sex is a natural thing that happens between you and a woman. It is not a battle or conquest. It is animal lust.

#2: Natural mans picture of himself is not as a boy: Soft living and pampering, from womb to coffin we are given. We are saved when we need saving and listened to when we cry. Natural man doesn't have this perception anymore. He thinks "me" he doesn't think he is young or a child or a boy. He sees himself as a man. You are an adult a grown up. Act accordingly. Don't be crying about shit, somebody didn't fuckin drop dead, don't be crying. Don't be hanging on women like they are your mother. There's 500 of em to many to list. Its called not being a PUSSY ass little boy. You get your "sun" these things don't happen as much anyways. Still be aware of thinking like a MAN and an adult, not something weak or helpless.

#3: Other men are not superior to you. Natural man would have none of this. Get your sun in place and it'll come. To offend another man is to possibly have to fight. All it means to offend another man. SO WHAT. You don't giggle when AMOG makes a joke at your expense, he doesn't like that? TOO bad, you are MALE, you can and will compete for respect. People used to like it when you made jokes about yourself? TOO bad, they'll get eye contact from you now, not jokes and you giggling at the floor. You aren't looking for trouble, but you aren't gonna avoid it either less its REAL fuckin dangerous. Even then, that gangbanger with the gun in his waistband who's house you ended up at might just shoot you for being a little wimpy punk ass when you talk about "I'm such a tight ass square white boy". And know that you ain't gonna giggle enough or be passive enough to get out of that basement in el Salvador where you've just landed the lead role in a forced donkey on man sex act. So be a MAN and don't look for trouble OR try to avoid it, especially while its happening. Natural man is no victim. You don't have to be either.

#4: You don't take any shit from anyone with a smile. Usually you wont take any shit at all, but if you are backed in to a corner hands tied and your balls in a vice, you don't grin and bear it, you just bear it. You do this because you have an imaginary audience, this life you are living is the movie, you are the main character. This life is no comedy, you take life seriously when serious situations arise. You are the leading man in every story. You only take the scripts that suit you. You MUST live up to this audience, your entire self is watching. Living anyway or anything else? Pffffffft. That's when you aren't so serious and are just making a cameo appearance as a big time leading man in some stupid comedy. Passing through.

#5: Sexual state. You feel it, you know its there. You SURELY don't think its wrong! You know its natural. Its what she feels in a different way as well. Once the sun has risen, this sexual state will BURN in you, to be obsessed with it would not be unmanly or unnatural. It is your other being. It is in fact from the testosterone a sort of survival persona, at the procreation level. Testosterone will give you this survival mechanism to drive your aggression and persistence in mating and competition with other men.

#6: You're gonna forget about "swingers" and "Tao of Steve" and "Don Juan Demarco" as PU movies, they are now only entertainment. You don't use induction, ESPECIALLY fictional induction. Watch the movie "predator" with Arnold swarzenegger. See the order of masculinity in actions and interactions PU wise. Far as being a male. Who of them would get the best women for what they looked like? Indian tracker guy(little much, pretty much below Arnold because of it) and Arnold (right way to be), 2 black guys (both pretty standard), Jesse Ventura and grenade launcher guy (amog/AFC types looking to impress and cackling over stupid jokes), guy with glasses ALWAYS giggling around and being a goof. Predator kills them in roughly that order for sport. Also watch the scene with the Indian tracker, he gets fed up, throws off all his shit takes out his knife and waits on the path for the predator tired of being hunted. If you cant see that as a real tearjerker lol, you are WAY too conditioned by this passive society.

I only mention this as off the wall as it sounds as I remember about 87 or so when this came out. After having watched it in a deep zone in, really identifying with the characters was the first time I felt like a man in my whole life. Have MALE, masculine role models. Yeah watch Seinfeld or MASH and laugh and enjoy it, but don't think just cause Jerry and George have a new woman written in each week they are good role-models. Not saying a guy who acts like that cannot get laid, just that he wont get laid as much or by the women he really wants.

#7: You know women and men are not from different planets. Socially which we will get to later there can be variables. But basic first fact is that biologically men and women are MUCH alike. Any thoughts of "women think different from men" are squashed out instantly. You conform to the bare minimum of social differences and her conditioning to have the mutual sexual experience. You do not harp on the differences of men and women in your mind. People walking around the planet, living eating and fucking. Humans from earth. Not creatures from Mars and Venus cast in some battle of wills. That's book selling talk, not reality.

Read these, know these. Comprehend them til you get a certain sense of satisfaction and take them away with you. You may need to develop your sun before the body can begin to shape up though.

HAH!, FINALLY we come to the sun and body business.

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