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Page 5 Gunwitch Method Two

Author: Gunwitch

The finale. Your shadow.

A metaphor:

You see the sun casts the power and energy, the testosterone and sense of power thrusts a light out hitting your body, your body (the beliefs and ideals you hold and that are intellectualized) will be the position you take to allow the sun to cast a shadow.

You see you can have a BRIGHT burning sun, just right all perfect. But if you are standing sideways you wont cast the full shadow.

Basically you can have all the chemistry right from your lifestyle, but if you are still thinking like a fuckin moron about hyper analytical concepts and dynamics between you and her, or doing stupid behaviors that are the anathema of your "sun" because you believe they are the right way to think? You'll cast a half ass shadow, or persona.

For in depth shadow example coming from the same sun and body, Look at GWM1 of course.

But in general if you take the mindsets (body section) and place them in direct correlation with the suns beams (the chemistry and testosterone) the shadow you cast will be PERFECT. Or about 90% but hey nobodies perfect. Anyone who says they can make you so should be put on a cult watch list. Its eating the fruit not trying to get the vitamins out of it in pill form again. You simply must relax and enjoy being a natural man, enjoy the feelings of being a man, and enjoy strong mindsets and ideals that are in synch with it.

You'll move more confidently in body, you'll look people in the eyes when you speak and not break eye contact first, you'll touch women when it feels right, you'll stand closer to her and get even closer as she warms up, you'll talk in a better voice, slower more calm and sexy, you'll party harder and have a good time cause you wont have underlying fear of what others will think if you let loose, you'll deal with drama better, you'll deal with loss and rejection better. You'll have to jerk off 3 times in a row to get writing like this done because sitting in one place with no stimulation but your own mind and thoughts for this long will drive you CRAZY! Yet aside from that you will think clearer under pressure, which is much more important than being able to write a bunch of shit like this in the real world. In all you just become one sexy motherfucker. A MAN.

A natural man just gets laid no matter what right? Not always. Problems come up. Of the social kind basically repellants that must be quelled, and a few attractants that can be helped or used to advantage. Surely society and fear of judgment can bias a woman's determination to have sex with you or not. Only the most outstanding of minds can usually totally drop the social cognition, or the perception of what others will think of any given action. We must at least "pass" the repulsors, and maybe use the attractants to social advantage.

Now we will explore them. Please remember as well I am in north America, and watch American TV, movies and media. Some of these may surely not fit for your region. As well take note that none of these factors will really get you laid all on their own, you must have the biological attractants in place, THEN these will supplement you as attractants, or stop you cold in the case of repulsors.

Attractant: Height. This may at first glance appear a biological attractant I've misplaced. It is in fact not . Height is a social and never biological attractant. Proof? Well how is height gauged? Against other heights of course. If ALL men shrunk 5 inches tomorrow there would be no decline in sexual activity amongst the human species (if we weren't aware of it of course and scrambling WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED!?). You see but if ALL men gained 30 lbs of body fat sexual activity would decrease. Therefore it is a social not biological drive as it is judged against other people, NOT an instant biological fact.

What to do to with it? Surely a crowd setting is an asset if you are taller as you can have a ruler for her to gauge you against.

Repellant: Short to Average height? Stay away from the tall guys. When you cut through crowds of people pick a group that is shorter to cut through for a better ruler. Buy some boots to get a bit above average height,. Unless hand selected to be shorter than you, a wingman or party scene of guys is not ideal either.

Attractant: GREAT grooming. Not just being clean and non smelly or unkempt. I mean the same things I talked about in the facial looks category. Properly tailored or fitting clothes to accentuate your best assets, right beard and hair combos, right no hair or beard combos, clean nails and good skin. Socially acceptable grooming of the highest degree.

Repellant: POOR grooming. Should be obvious but don't be all fucked up looking. Going from first basic facts you can watch television and see what socially acceptable grooming is on a man. Do not use induction here as you have NO idea what looks good. You may as I seen on MTV think "I don't want my hair all spiky" so you paste it down with grease to both sides. Do not do this. Do not wear big coke bottle glasses cause "nerd is in and different". A Mohawk and 25 gold chains when a woman uttered near a clueless man "Mr.T is sexy" has probably happened. Get with it, wear normal human males socially acceptable styles, haircuts and accessories. Watch one episode of ANYTHING but drew Carey show or M.A.S.H ilk , and you'll find something reasonable. Cut the hair out of your nose that hangs, and wash your balls. Your hirsute is probably not gonna be a big attractant for her, and will probably repel her, so tone it down.

Attractant: Style. What I mean here is an offshoot of the above. Same deal be IN STYLE somewhat for your region and targets. Only MORE. Peacocking is no big secret so ill talk about it. In a setting such as a club or bar where style and standing out can "cut through the chaos" and get you noticed it is a great social attractant.

Thing is, use inference not induction. DO NOT wear pink leather pants cause you seen some guy get laid wearing them. You are a redhead with pale skin, it'll look like "strawberry quik" let out their fuckin mixing brush for a night on the town. Have common sense and do something congruent yet noticeable and "standoutish" on YOU. I myself have worn leather vest and ass-less chaps, kidding about the ass-less chaps. I will wear leather vest with tight white under tank top for a shirt with some jewelry . Kind of bland for some scenes I'm sure, but I'm in a smaller town where this is HUGE peacocking. Use discretion. Of course being in a niche market AND with creative enough garb is a GREAT social attractant/get you noticed deal. Example: At a western party everyone is in traditional country western multi colored garb. You are in all black with black overcoat all western style. Underneath you reveal much the same. You are "in" niche wise as it is western wear, as well as standing out for being different.

Repellant: Being socially/style wise "OUT". I forget who wrote it but I seen this example someplace else, tell me who you are and ill give you credit. You are in khakis and a polo shirt with leather loafers? It is a gothic style rave dance. Enough said. No chick wants to go home with the 90210 reject when she wants some kind of vampire wanna be.

Attractant: Isolation in conjunction with biological factors. Her fuckin friends. Them damn people watching all over the place she used to know. Things like this raise her social conditioning. No woman wants to be thought of as a slut. Rapport is harder to obtain when her focus is off of you and on reading everyone in the places minds with her imagination. So the less eyes on you from first basic facts, the better. First basic facts 2. She is not going to have sex with you in public view, FULL isolation is a must for a sexual attempt. From the start to deal with these problems arising you can approach lone women in department stores or use many social dynamics methods (gone FAR enough in to detail on FS already) in clubs to get in with her group and isolate her from the group. Very technical issue. Suffice to say I recommend approaching LONE women in non night club settings. Anyplace else is a better bet.

Repellant: All eyes on you/her social conditioning not doing the biological points and speaking to her and/or her friends or close "knowns" right there with no social attractants in place. Basic stuff. This is the "BLOWN OUT" repellant though, This is the one you hear the horror rejection stories from guys because of. Come up stinking like a cat terd and talking to her in front of her friends! You must LOVE rejections.

Attractant: Similar values or ideas.

Repellant: Opposite values or ideas. This is "social rapport" where as the biological was "fear based quelling" rapport techniques. Basic social rapport is picking your battles. People only argue and fight and butt heads then end up fucking in the movies and camp trailers parked on campground spaces as a first home. Any other time this "opposites attract" business is bullshit fictional induction based seduction theory. Simple, Social attractants are being "liked" and accepted, people like people like them and accept those with similar values. This may be incredibly hard to swallow as its probably never been written anyplace before. It hasn't in self help because it isn't sexy enough to sell a coffee cup, much less a John Grey 1000 dollar spectacular Caribbean weekend. He's gotta make up something more controversial to your mental frames to say.

Unless she is going against your core beliefs don't start a whole thing. Even then debate skills and diplomatic skills are in order, not a blow up or cuss out. She says she loves Eminem the rapper and you think he's a bitch mouth little asshole, well, you ain't got something nice to say don't say it at all. Change the subject.

Repellant: Verbalizing sexual things. Or pick up lines or lewd behavior. INSTANT turning on of her social conditioning to a factor of 10. Besides doing so will "let it out" in a way as a natural sexual man. You wanna be that "subtle sexy man" women try to verbalize in 3 words as everything I've written here as "what they desire". You don't wanna be the guy who lets it all out with words and behaviors of lewd and immature nature and disposition and has nothing left to project out. Its like laying down flat on the ground and humping your own shadow, nothing left to project, you are just fucking yourself.

MANY MANY MANY more social repulsors out there. Too many to list and go in depth on. You can use your inference skills on these remaining list of obvious basics as well as more in the future. CAREFULLY however to use inference on any new problem not induction. Only once the basic conclusion from first facts has been drawn and applied with success do you being to deduce anything. Some conscious dead set things she thinks outright as repellants or attractants:

Why is digging in ones anus or picking ones nose and wiping it on their shirt in front of a woman a social and/or biological repulsion as rationalized by her?

Goldiggers are repulsed by what at an adamant conscious level?

All women are repulsed by hobos, bums or transients as what opposite?

Rock star groupies are attracted by what at a conscious adamant level?

Persistence works on what type of personality? What do they have trouble saying?

Persistence fails on what type of personality? What do they get angry when made to say rather than say it?

Well I hope this has been a helpful guide. The MAIN thing was the enlightenment of your mind as my attempt. The use of a proper scientific rather than wild method of analysis has long been absent. My goal was to instruct you in some fundamentals of attraction and inner game I've come to understand. As well as, give you reasonable examples of how this method of analysis could become a fundamental tool for you in all first basic facts. Surely induction can be used once you yourself have experienced results and failures from a particular instance of like kind many times over. ONLY then is it rational to attempt in anything as complicated as 2 humans interacting. Yet with inference it is made quite simple.

By the way for the science nutts out there, NO I'm not claiming to have invented this way of analysis. I've seen it in several scientific methods as well as several psychological texts of the older pre self help schools. Also I think Einstein used something similar in the theory of relativity coming to be, only starting from 0 rather than basic first facts, unless you suppose he started out knowing there are numbers which is inferred. It went a bit over my head but I got the gist of it. I figure if its good enough for him to use in creating a bomb to kill hundreds of thousands, then harnessed by a dumb hillbilly like me can easily be adapted to help guys get their pecker wet, now get out there and start fuckin!

"Make the ho say no": Way of Gun


Get laid not liked!

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