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Gunwitch Method

Author: Gunwitch

NightVision - Gunwitch's big thing is Sexual State and his methods as well as his audio course offer a different perspective to the mainstream seduction community. As such his method complements it very well. His motto is "Get Laid, Not Liked"...


Okay, so you wanna get laid more right? DUH else you wouldn't be here. Maybe you are a fan of other works on seduction and discovered me through their sites, or maybe this is your first venture into the methods of seduction. Maybe you found me through the ASF ( newsgroup, and you were one of the guys who requested and demanded an outline, or more of a specific manual of my style. Well anyway, you've now found my methods.

I'll tell you a little about myself, my name is Allen Reyes (known as 'gunwitch' on ASF). In case you wonder my name is derived from the fact that I am an avid hand gunner as well as a 10-year practitioner and student of seduction and PU (pick ups), "real" witchcraft, magick, state manipulation and all ranges of the "influence" sphere. I started out using simple psychology, then NLP (neural linguistic programming), and eventually evolved a much simpler understanding of women and methods of dealing with them, which has been gained through psychology and human study, but even more so through years of interactive analysis.

What "simpler understanding" you may ask? Well after YEARS and YEARS of study, fieldwork, and seductions, the thing that led me here was that I conquered my weight problem. I am 5'7" (5'9'' in my "field" boots) and used to weigh a "power lifter styled" mix of muscle and fat that was 240 lbs. Not a pretty picture to look at, hence my study of seduction. I finally got down to a leaner, muscular 185lbs. This is when I noticed a massive change in dealing with women. They made it easier - less testing, less flake outs, and less overall resistance to my sexing them.

I had always been taught that it is not the product, but the marketing, that gets someone to buy something. I had always learned that "it's what's on the inside" that counts. Also, that "women think different from men", "women don't really like sex so it doesn't matter what you look like, but more what you say or make them feel". Comforting words to the unattractive guy, But not something that produces results for the said guy.

Perhaps you're saying "but then what am I gonna do??? I'm an ugly, short or fat fucker!" Well the same understandings and methods I discovered with the understanding that women LOVE sex, just as much as men do is gonna be your key to getting them as well. There are methods and tactics that will get you sex with HOT women even if you are less than average in looks. The same methods I and other semi attractive guys can use to land 8-10 scale women without hardly any rejection can be used by you to land the same women with just a little more effort, and a little more rejections.

I in so many words finally started selling a higher quality product, and in doing so learned what the reaction and interactions were like when she wanted to buy, and already knew what they were when it was gonna be a difficult sell. By becoming attractive it was easier for me to learn how to convey that I was.

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