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Author: Gunwitch


I have trained men who were FAT, ugly, average and good looking to do the same things I do and gotten them laid FAST without much study at all or any improvement to their looks.

So give this a chance, if you wanna get laid.

Section 1

The first understanding you must have, is what I mean when I refer to a "state". I simply mean your state of mind, the feelings in your body, and the overall YOU at any given moment. Can you recall a time, the last time that you were totally HOT and HORNY for a woman - to the point you had an erection, felt slight pain in your stomach, how you looked at her, and how you were thinking at the moment. What did that feel like? You were in "sexual state" at that point.

Section 2

Women think VERY similarly, and operate biologically quite the same sexually as men. Since biblical times, women have been conditioned by society that this is wrong though. They put on a mask that conforms to social norms. The "slut" "whore" or promiscuous woman who has many sexual partners is actually superior in her lack of suggestibility compared to regular women who maintain monogamous relationships because of societal expectations. Things had not been this way in the human mating ritual prior to the last 2-5000 years. Beta (inferior less attractive) males who happened to be intellectually superior set up misogynistic arranged marriages, barter systems for financial ownership of wives, religious persecution and moral persecution for women who enjoyed sex with the alpha (superior more attractive) males, as a means of being able to secure sex for themselves with no alpha competition.

Today, religion, moral conduct, and societal expectations cannot RULE the female sex drive, nor her instincts and her desires by force. This leads us ALL to a problem. Women seek and choose long term relationships with only the most desirable of men. They often try to entrap the alpha male into unnatural sex commitments, while giving the beta male no sex because they want to have one partner, and do not want it to be a beta male. Kinda backfired on them cheeky little shit heel betas didn't it?

Now women "cheat" when they want sexual variety and then are scorned by society as "sluts" or "unfaithful bitches", despite the reality that it's just natural for a sexually healthy human being to want variety in sex partners.

It is VITAL to have the understanding that women (sexually healthy non frigid women) LOVE sex and desire it just as much as we do. YET they cannot come out and admit it or be labelled a slut, AND cannot act on it consistently (outside of long term relationships or with multiple partners) with anyone's knowledge or be labelled the same far faster. Of course, as of late, more and more women are admitting their desire for sex and acting on it more casually.

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