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Page 3 Gunwitch Method

Author: Gunwitch

Section 3

The lone wolf.

Approaching single, lone women will be the staple of you sexual diet. Attempting to seduce women while in the company of others, her friends, your friends, and other people in general is often a dumb idea. "WHY", you ask? Read section 2 again. They want sex, they want sex NOW with almost any guy who isn't obese or deformed, but they do not want the world to know, and they will start to think "if I do this what will it make THEM think", rather than "do I trust this guy" "am I attracted to this guy" and "what is he making ME feel sexually". Reading this material from the standpoint of applying it at a party or in front of 2-3 women at a time will make it seem unworkable. So read from the perspective of you and a single lone (isolated) woman, or distanced from others (semi isolated), and it will come into focus.

Section 4

Your initial state when seeing women you want is very important: the right one will cause you to approach them, the wrong one will panic and confuse you - preventing you from taking any action to ever meet them. If you do not meet them you almost certainly CANNOT have sex with them. Your internal state when you first see an attractive woman must be one of sexual enthusiasm, horniness, and unapologetic desire. NOT one of panic and wonder of what to do or what to say. When you first see your lone wolf, in a bar, a coffee house, a dept store, a bank, the gym -ANYWHERE - (I like the magazine racks at dept stores, where I can stand there and wait 'til some Cosmo magazine reading hottie comes into what feels to her like your space, and feels like she's approaching, then boom I'm on it "so what ya reading?"), anyway ANYWHERE you see them you must imagine having sex with her, visualize it, feel the desire and lust. ALWAYS do this as soon as you see a woman you find attractive and eventually the state you will go into when seeing a woman will be one of -sexual- state, rather than panic or fear of meeting her. This makes approaching random lone women easier. Ted Bundy, the infamous serial killer/sociopath didn't feel fear or panic when he saw a target. He felt rage, sexual perversion and desire to kill, hence NO fear to approach them, of course wanting to have sex isn't the same thing, but its still more effective than feeling fear or confusion about your desires and direction.

One thing ill mention here. I cannot give you real desire for sex, it must be natural. If you could have a new ULTRA 10 hot bodied perfect woman in your bed every night, yet EVERYONE else would see her as a nasty ugly fat girl, would you still do it? NO I'm not gonna alter you in some supernatural way for you to think ugly women are good looking. If you said "no" to this question though, you need to evaluate if you want women for shared sexual gratifications, or if you want them to impress friends, family and co workers? Do you wanna be a "ladies man" A "seduction master?" the "scoring machine" amongst your buds? Of course, who doesn't? But is that more of a concern than actually having good sex with women you find attractive? If so then you need to A. stop masturbating so much (to increase your drive), B. search yourself to see if you are a real heterosexual, C. maybe consider getting an "arm piece" girlfriend for the social status you desire, D. learn to quench your lusts with sexual gratification rather than keep trying to create envy in others, as you'll never be convinced you've done enough of that. If you want and desire new, exciting, frequent sexual experiences with different fresh women then read on.

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