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Author: Gunwitch

Section 5

Understand that women do not have some kind of special intuition about people, see Ted Bundy example above for proof. A lot of crap floats around about female minds being different or more intuitive, "they can smell an agenda" "if you don't come from a genuine place of curiosity and care they will reject you" blah blah blah. You WANT them to "smell your agenda" of wanting sex, this is a GOOD thing, as long as it isn't verbalized. This is what women call a "subtle confident man". I will discuss how to MAKE her understand your intentions WITHOUT words later on. It is a good thing for her to know you want sex, without you being tacky and verbalizing it (making her reject you because of her societal conditioning mentioned earlier).

Section 6

Looks count, though perhaps not as much as is typically presumed. As was discussed in Section 2, women think MUCH like men when it comes to mating.

To illustrate my point on this:

Imagine being alone in a room, with an ugly or mediocre woman. She comes over and lays her head on your lap. You hear her whisper, "I like you a lot". She smiles, comes up, and kisses you. Your friends are not there, and they will never know. You are getting more turned on as she rubs your upper legs, inching closer, closer, and closer to your crotch. What are you gonna do to stop her? Answer this only to yourself - not to friends or people who could judge you - and you'll know that you'd likely have sex with her. ONLY in the case that she is nearly deformed, smells bad, or is morbidly obese ect., would you be likely to turn her down. Essentially, you'd only turn her down if she failed turn you on at that time.

To further explicate, consider the following. Not an exact science by any means, but perhaps a rough model of what you can generally expect.

Looks, Effort, and their Interrelation:

Looks scale: -1- being the worst conceivable, and -10- being the best. Effort scale (amount of women approached and overall drive to ensure sex with them): -1- being utterly rarely, -5- being a few on weekends or acquaintances from social circles, and -10- being at least three new women per day. -1- drive = will say hello to a woman but not much else, -5- will try to get her interested in him until the first sign of trouble or disinterest, -10- will outright make her become angry or verbally reject you 100% before even considering moving on.

Take a guy who is a -1- in looks (perhaps fat, short, hideous face, balding, old, smelly, poorly dressed, etc.), but a -10- in effort. This guy will STILL land women who are -5.5s- once in while, and -3s- frequently.

To explain, allocate 1 total point for every 2 points on the scale, for what you can get with maximum effort. So, if you are a -10- in looks, but only exert a -1- in effort, you can probably still sex -5.5s- (ie. 11 divided by 2) on occasion, and approximately half of that, or -3s-, whenever you are inclined. Eventually you will arrive at someplace in between your -maximum- capacity and your -easy- capacity for your regular quality of women.

I, for instance, am maybe an -8- in looks (short, ok face, good built body, well dressed and groomed), and a -10- in effort. So dividing by two, we allocate 4 points for looks and 5 points for effort, arriving at a 9 at -maximum- capacity, and approx. 5 at -easy- capacity. I have of course gotten some 10s in my day, but that's just the deviation, as women higher than 6 would be for Example Guy #1. So to recap:

Example Guy 1:

-1-LOOKS + -10-EFFORT = 11,




-8-LOOKS + -10-EFFORT = 18,



What creates the extra points from effort is that you meet MORE women, so SOME of these women will find even the guy with -1-looks/-10-effort somewhat attractive. Probably the best that he will ever do is a 6 who somehow finds him attractive. Mr -10-looks/-1-effort could go out approaching at a 5.5 in effort and change his whole lot, because he would meet so many more women who would find him attractive, or who have trouble saying no to his advances, but instead he takes the easy ones. His loss. By the way, Mr.-10-looks/-1-effort, and Mr. -1-looks/-10-effort are both REAL people that I know, and it works out about the same for both of them with women. If Mr. -1-looks/-10-effort suddenly stopped meeting and trying to seduce new women, he would probably go to his grave never having had sex again, unless maybe with some chance woman of his low calibre were to come along and make the effort herself.

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