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Page 5 Gunwitch Method

Author: Gunwitch

Section 7

There are -many- ideas about seduction, getting laid, having a lot of women, ect, that can be debated and contested. But there is -one- that cannot be by anyone with any rational thought process. You MUST make an effort. Specifically, you must approach women on the street, at gyms, dept stores, bars, nightclubs and any other venues you can come up with. Sure you can get a job working with women or a gimmick to try to attract them to you, but its 5% as effective as actually doing the work, and having the will and drive. Simple logic, which can escape from you if you over-complicate your style of dealing with women. Don't just sit and memorize materials til the end of time, get out and apply things you learn. HARDEST part to do in any area of life. WILLPOWER to try is more important than any formula for success.

I'm gonna do you a huge favour right here in this section. Maybe give you ultimate success with women maybe save you from reading any further and wasting your time. Decide will you A, go out and try this stuff on AT LEAST 1 woman within the next week, and at least 1 every week after that? OR, will you stop reading now and decide you don't really have the willpower to try?

Of course if you KNOW you are just reading this for the hell of it, and don't wanna have sex with lots of women that's fine. But don't read it, question it, analyze it and determine it can't work for you, get up and do something.

Section 8

As HARPED on above you MUST approach. Moreover, you MUST be in "sexual state" or be turned-on/horny for your target. Any fear of doing so must be quelled by the realization that she wants sex just as much as you do, though maybe not with you, and that the way society is structured it is YOUR job to initiate the encounter and find out. The sexual state, along with the realization that she wants sex, will make you do MOST if not ALL of the actions necessary to be your most attractive all by themselves.

It exudes a "confidence" that,

  • makes you speak with a better more attractive tone of voice (bedroom voice)
  • causes you to hold eye contact better and more sensually
  • causes you to touch her more and more sexually (getting her ready for the sexual encounter)
  • causes you to keep a level of physical closeness that builds a strong sense of comfort in her
  • causes you to not pander or be a beggar (as you realize are just as valuable sexually), so,
  • you don't buy her drinks like the rest of the losers do
  • you don't give insincere compliments like the rest of the losers do
  • you don't pander to her to entertain like the rest of the losers do
  • you don't brag like the losers do
  • you don't come off sexually androgynous and hide your masculinity like the losers do

And as a result of all this, you are not branded yet another everyday chump hitting on her.

Your single-minded intention, body language, and sexuality prevents the bad "loser" type actions, and nurtures the seductive ones - all in one single state. You are branded a sexual being, boyfriend material, sexual material, IF the requisite physical attraction is there.

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