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Page 8 Gunwitch Method

Author: Gunwitch

9.7 DATES: NO DATES from here on out. The simple act of going on a date immediately puts her social conditioning into play HEAVY and the "make him wait" dynamic is introduced. I have NEVER been on a date with a woman, and I have had plenty of sex. Get the woman isolated with you (alone. just you and her out of public) soon after the initial approach for your "date" aka getting to know each other. I'll discuss how to do this later on.

9.8 NO PHONE NUMBERS, from here on out, you can go out and get 10 numbers a day for 30 days, that's 300 numbers, of those 300 maybe ONE will end up in bed with you after you call. If on all 300 you had stayed there after you approached, conveyed your sexual state, waited for her to go into sexual state, and then isolated her, you would have only approached 50 tops the whole month as you would have been to preoccupied in bed with 10 of those 50, avoiding another 250 approaches. If she finds you at all attractive she will talk to you right then and there, and most likely if you play the game right go home with you that day or from that bar, or into the sex room at a party.

Of course calling a woman, buying her a gift or going on a date with her inside the context of a relationship is fine, but not before she's proven herself attracted to you enough for sex to happen.

Section 10: Sexual state broken down.

Sexual state is THE most important thing you will learn from this guide. It is THE mind state you will be using to deal with women you want to sleep with. It is most likely the mind state you've had every time you ever sexed a woman in the past, at least as soon as the point came when you KNEW it was gonna happen. There is a certain "walks like a duck acts like a duck, must be a duck" dynamic working for you in the sexual state. If you act like her lover, act like you are in a sexual encounter and assume the behaviours and actions of a great lover, she eventually will start to think you are a waterfowl. Just kidding, of course she starts to go into the same states of mind from other sexual encounters she has had in the past, if she is at all attracted. This is what's called "rapport congruency". You can look it up if you want to read 300 pages of dime store psychology, but suffice to say, if all the actions and states are present your mind kinda starts to assume it's the same situation, a milder form of "déjà vu".

Furthermore, when someone perceives something in someone, but isn't directly told to them verbally by the person, they tend to think its THEY who are the ones imagining it - that it is comes from within them. That's why I tell you later to not verbalize your sexual intent in any way, as when you don't, she will more likely to think, "Why am I thinking sexually about this guy...hmmm I must want him or else I wouldn't see him as such a horny guy."

The "sexual state" is readily stepped into by imagining how you interacted with your last lover when in the bedroom before sex, or during pillow talk, and had a lustful desire for the woman. These are the things that it should encompass. These specifics are not to be used individually, but as an overall state that you go into when dealing with a woman. Read Bruce Lees Tao of Jeet Kune Do for an understanding of not focusing on specific technique but rather on overall strategy that encompasses several techniques. My method has been compared to this type of "fluid" theory, contrasting other seduction methods that are closer to classical Karate, which focuses on memorized techniques that take longer to master, and are harder to remember under stress. What follows of more of a troubleshooting guide.

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